WATCH: Roger Federer welcomes Zendaya to his investment ‘ON’; video goes viral

On has hit the lottery with the two on their side.

WATCH: Roger Federer welcomes Zendaya to his investment ‘ON’; video goes viral

Roger Federer and Zendaya (Via Imago/X)

Roger Federer‘s huge investment in Swiss sportswear company ‘On’ in 2021 is paying off as it is one of the few sportswear brands whose net sales went up last year, courtesy of an expanding market in the United States. The brand, established just 14 years ago in 2010, has already started generating revenue of over $500 million a year and is sponsoring some top athletes like women’s World No. 1 in tennis, Iga Swiatek, and the young American star Ben Shelton.

The brand is now expanding its reach beyond athletic and sports performance apparel, venturing into athleisure and casual wear lines. To mark this, they also onboarded ‘Challengers’ star, Zendaya, as a brand ambassador. 

Roger Federer, who is rumored to own a 3% share in the company, made the announcement about the partnership with Zendaya himself. He took to his socials, posting a photo where he is seen mimicking Zendaya’s iconic look from the ‘Challengers’ movie.

The brand then released a minute-long commercial starring Zendaya. The video, uploaded earlier today, has amassed thousands of views and reactions. 

Zendaya and Federer have a collective social media fan base of almost 200 million and On has hit the lottery with the two on their side. 

The commercial hints at a line of casual clothing, with Zendaya saying ‘’Together. Whether we’re athletes or not”.

Roger Federer picks up a new hobby and fellow pros are in awe of his elegance

Roger Federer recently tried his hand at golf, something that his biggest rival and good friend, Rafael Nadal, has been playing for a while during his breaks from tennis. 

Roger Federer
Roger Federer (via Imago)

The Swiss Maestro posted a short video of his golf swing and it was as elegant as his forehand. The four-second clip has garnered the attention of many tennis as well as golf pros.

Trying to pick up a new hobby. Wish me luck…Any pointers?

Roger Federer captioned the post

Andy Murray, Carlos Alcaraz, Sebastian Korda, and Eugenie Bouchard were some of the tennis professionals that engaged with the post. “Fore right” Andy Murray, humorous as ever, gave Federer pointers as requested, while Alcaraz, Korda and Bouchard were admiring the legend. “Is there something you are not good at?,” Alcaraz wrote, while Bouchard was left questioning why the swing looked so perfect

Even Sebastian Korda’s sister, Nelly, who is an Olympic gold medalist in golf, took to the comments section, asking if Federer needed a coach.

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