“Something we’ve never seen before!” Victor Wembanyama compatriot Rudy Gobert reveals how NBA rookie exceeded all high expectations

Wemby is in the lead to winning the Rookie of the Year award.

“Something we’ve never seen before!” Victor Wembanyama compatriot Rudy Gobert reveals how NBA rookie exceeded all high expectations

Victor Wembanyama and Rudy Gobert

Due to a painful right ankle, Victor Wembanyama’s rookie season has come to an end. He will not play in his final game against the Detroit Pistons. Having started the season as a rookie, no doubt that he was regarded as a monster that no one had ever seen before by the end. Even the three-time DPOY winner Rudy Gobert expressed nothing but admiration for the 7’4” phenomenon.


Since Rudy Gobert had known Victor Wembanyama since the latter was 14 years old, his gameplay did not surprise him. When Gobert appeared on “The Old Man & the Three” show, JJ Redick questioned him on Wemby’s strength, ability to surpass his potential, and how excellent he was at heart. Even though Gobert had all the answers for those questions, he did admit he didn’t expect the kind of stuff Wemby did in his rookie season.

Obviously, I mean it is something we have never seen before in the basketball world. I have known him since he was 14 years old. So I have no question marks. I knew that it was going to be special, but I didn't expect him to be doing the things he's been doing this early. 
Rudy Gobert said

Gobert also talked about Wemby’s mentality when there is greater commitment and passion at stake. Throughout the entire interview, JJ Redick also expressed his amazement at his mental state.

Victor Wembanyama challenged Rudy Gobert for DPOY in the coming seasons

Wemby’s arrival was eagerly anticipated before the season began, and it can be fairly said that he surpassed everyone’s expectations. With an average of 21.4 for San Antonio Spurs as of the end of the season, he is one of the strong favorites to win DPOY, battling three-time DPOY champion Rudy Gobert. Statmuse claims that Gobert continues to top the list with 104.1 points, while Wembanyama has 106.1.


Given his play and the fact that it was his debut season, it’s possible that the Spurs star won’t take home the trophy this year. The young blood has plenty to offer. Wemby, however did acknowledged that Gobert has a great opportunity to win the coveted award this year as well in a recent interview with the San Antonio Express-News, but he also stated that he won’t be winning it in the future.

I know that Rudy (Gobert) has a very good chance of winning it this year, and it would be deserved. Let him win it now, because after that it's no longer his turn.
Victor Wembanyama said to Theo Quintard last month

The comment reveals a great deal about his confidence and way of thinking. Wembanyama may not be DPOY, but he will undoubtedly be named NBA Rookie of the Year. It was his debut season. From his end, a lot is to come.

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