JJ Redick dumbfounded by 20-year-old’s Victor Wembanyama’s stature in rookie season: “He’s a special guy”

Wembanyama initially endured a slow start to his NBA career, but now is coming off as a bonafide superstar.

JJ Redick dumbfounded by 20-year-old’s Victor Wembanyama’s stature in rookie season: “He’s a special guy”

JJ Redick is dumbfounded by the mentality of Victor Wembanyama

The hype Victor Wembanyama brought with himself when he entered the league is starting to show up. After going through the rookie adjustment phase, the basketball world is getting a glimpse of how good the 20-year-old phenom could be in the days to come. Other than his obvious physical traits, former player JJ Redick is dumbfounded by how good his mindset is towards the game of basketball.

JJ Redick’s podcast, The Old Man and the Three, had Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Rudy Gobert on as a guest. After they discussed Victor Wembanyama and how he has developed in his rookie season, Redick had a good summary of the situation.

Point about his mentality. I've never met a 19-year-old that was wired that way, at that age. He's incredible. He truly is. I love that you differentiate between just the size and the skill. But what that guy he has in his heart and mind. He's a special guy.
JJ Redick said

Redick was talking about how he was dumbfounded by the mentality of the San Antonio Spurs superstar when he met him before the draft. He had not encountered a 19-year-old player with such an evolved mindset in how he sees the game.

Gobert talked about how his young France National Team compatriot had developed his game mentally. Everyone knew what the 7′ 4″ big man brought to the table in terms of physical tools. However, those attributes have only helped his case.

His ability to develop his skills and understanding of the game based on his physical attributes is stunning, given his unique mental wiring. Both Redick and Gobert acknowledged that it is only a matter of time before he becomes unstoppable.

Everybody is looking forward to what Victor Wembanyama will develop into

JJ Redick and Rudy Gobert are not the only people who are excited to see what Victor Wembanyama will show in the seasons to come. Almost everyone in the basketball universe is talking about his future. Analysts watching on TV have talked about his incredible growth in his rookie season. However, the loudest voices are coming from the current players.

They have witnessed first-hand how the San Antonio Spurs star was at the beginning of the season, and what they are seeing now. To those watching at home and in the arenas, Wembanyama is putting up unreal numbers game after game. Moreover, he even rallied his team without having most of his starters to win over the defending champions yesterday.

If the Spurs can add solid pieces to their team, it will not be long before Wembanyama starts to knock on the door of the NBA Individual awards. Moreover, the extremely competitive Western Conference will have one more problem to deal with.

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