LeBron James breaks silence on son Bronny James’ stunning NBA Draft 2024 announcement

Bronny James recently declared for the 2024 NBA draft.

LeBron James breaks silence on son Bronny James’ stunning NBA Draft 2024 announcement

LeBron and Bronny James

Bronny James’ NBA Draft declaration finally got a statement from his legendary father, LeBron James, although not the most prepared of statements. He reiterated his earlier support for his son when asked in the locker room following the away win against the Memphis Grizzlies.


As he did the last time, LeBron James voiced his support for his eldest son. He stated that he would be there for whatever decision he makes as a family.

Bronny is his own man; he gon make his own decisions, and as a family, we gon just support whatever decision he decides to make... We look forward to his journey, and whatever he decides to do, we gon give him full support.
LeBron James said

Bronny’s decision has been met with lots of skepticism and criticism from analysts and fans, as the issue of nepotism has been mentioned. Also, his rather abysmal college basketball season, where he recorded 4.8 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.1 APG, and 0.2 BPG, hasn’t helped, although an NBA insider begs to differ as some teams hold him in regard.

The onus is now on Bronny as he has much to do to change the minds of his detractors, who only think he has his dad to thank. However, he still has the chance of going back to college as he entered the college transfer portal, maybe to keep his options open.


Bronny James fully committed to the 2024 NBA Draft

According to The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie, Bronny James is “expected to devote his energy” entirely to the 2024 Draft even though he has kept his open to returning to collegiate sport for his sophomore season. His full priority is on the draft process, as he and his agency, Klutch Sports, are working tirelessly to find a spot that is desirable to all.

However, Vecenie noted that four of five unnamed teams said he would go undrafted when asked. Thus, it is very much in the air where James will actually go to, come the draft.

When asked why they wouldn't select him, two of the four evaluators said they thought he would never be good enough. The other two felt James had a chance to be good enough down the road, but it would take too much time and investment to develop him, and they'd rather get him later in his career after another team did that work.
Sam Vecenie said

However, with the approach he is taking, he aims to make the most of his chances and not make it seem like he is where he is because of his legendary father. And, based on what LeBron James said, he is ready to support whatever decision Bronny decides to take.

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