Bronny James already is ‘NBA Caliber defender’ claims insider after talking to teams

Amidst unprecedented hype, James Jr. hasn't shown his scoring potential in college basketball.

Bronny James already is ‘NBA Caliber defender’ claims insider after talking to teams

Bronny James

Bronny James has recently entered both the NBA Draft and the transfer portal while maintaining his college eligibility. The 19-year-old aims to enter the Draft after completing his freshman year in college. Joining the USJ Trojans just a year ago, James had high expectations for his freshman season, but unfortunately, it didn’t unfold as planned.


James Jr. averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists while playing 20 minutes a game. Basketball fans did expect more from Bronny, but it was only his first season, and it does take time to adapt. Following his decision to enter the NBA Draft, NBA Insider, Shams Charania had some positive words for the teen’s decision.

When I talk to NBA teams, there's a clear consensus that as a defender he's already at that caliber of an NBA defender. We know about his basketball IQ as well, honestly great genes there. But shooting, offensive game, ball handling, I think those are all things that scouts, evaluators will keep an eye on as he goes to the pre-draft process.
Shams Charania on his recent appearance on ‘Run It Back’

Bronny’s Draft class is already highly competitive. While James Jr. may be a great defender, his other attributes would play a crucial role in deciding his luck in the draft. So far his projected pick is across the first 40 players.

Bronny James touted to be a second-round pick

Now that James Jr. has entered the NBA draft, team workouts, scrimmages, and other exhaustive visits will play an important role in Bronny’s draft process. Looking at the current mock draft, James Jr. should be comfortable at pick #41st to #46th. While his position in the draft isn’t confirmed yet, it will be interesting to see where he stands after all his pre-draft procedures.


While Bronny James looks to make his debut in the league, this will also be followed by his father, LeBron James joining forces with him. James’ dream of playing with his son might come true this year itself. Teams like the Spurs, the Sixers, and the Wizards are expected to land James Jr. once he gets his name on the draft board.

Bronny could have benefited from spending another year in college to further refine his skills. However, even if things don’t go as planned, Bronny will retain his college eligibility. In such a scenario, he can explore transferring to other schools if he isn’t drafted. While it’s still early in his career, Bronny has clear priorities and nothing to lose in this situation.

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