LeBron James leaves fans in splits after jumping on ‘You are my sunshine’ meme trend

LeBron James is undeniably the most popular American athlete.

LeBron James leaves fans in splits after jumping on ‘You are my sunshine’ meme trend

LeBron James

LeBron James’s career in the NBA has been one to envy as he has found success both on and off the court, bringing him praise and trolling. Recently, he jumped on one of the trends used to “mock” his passionate supporters, the “You are my Sunshine” meme. 

To celebrate yesterday’s partial solar eclipse, he posted a reel on Instagram via his foundation’s account using the meme song trending on TikTok. Well, guess if you can’t beat them, join them. 

The now famous trend started last year, 2023, on TikTok and was aimed at taunting the four-time NBA champion’s loyal fan base. By hyping his fans’ loyalty and admiration, the video serves to mock them as they drool over him and take their support to the extreme. 

It got to the point that the official TikTok account of the Brooklyn Nets also shared a video where fans at the Barclays Center sang to the song while LeBron James was warming up before the 116-104 Los Angeles Lakers win.

James, a globally renowned athlete and considered by many to be the GOAT of basketball, has as many haters as followers, and the meme tells how much the haters dislike the loyalists who go to the extreme to support ‘King.’ Furthermore, it was cool seeing James join the trend and demonstrate fair play. 

Fans react to LeBron James joining the “You Are My Sunshine” meme

LeBron James shook the internet when he posted the video on Instagram aimed at mocking his most loyal fans. Nobody saw it coming, even though LBJ is known for playing fair and not letting negative comments affect his judgment or decisions. 

The video was posted on Instagram, but popular social media platform X was the epicenter as netizens shared their thoughts. Here are some of the reactions below:

Now that James has joined the trend, who knows, it might mean the end of the viral meme, which has been trending for almost a year. As James joins in to enjoy the fun, it reveals a side of him most people have come to love and appreciate. 

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