“Come see me at 144!” Ryan Garcia calls out ‘little stupid tank’ Gervonta Davis after Devin Haney shocker win

Ryan Garcia wants a rematch with Gervonta Davis at 144lbs.

“Come see me at 144!” Ryan Garcia calls out ‘little stupid tank’ Gervonta Davis after Devin Haney shocker win

Ryan Garcia wants rematch with Gervonta Davis (Image via Imago)

Ryan Garcia wants a rematch against Gervonta Davis. After an incredible performance against Devin Haney, Garcia wants to avenge his last defeat. Davis is the only fighter to smudge Garcia’s previously perfect record. Now, KingRy has issued a challenge on X, urging Davis to face him next but interestingly on his terms.


Ryan Garcia recently sent out a tweet on X challenging Gervonta Davis. Garcia tagged Davis asking him to move up weight classes to face him after he fights Frank Martin.

Everyone wanna talk about the little. St*pid tank. Let’s fight nuff of that funny talk. Come see me at 144 and let stop the talk. If you beat frank let’s run it @Gervontaa
Ryan Garcia via X

Gervonta Davis has 29 professional fights under his belt and has not lost once. He will fight Frank Martin this June to move up his win record to an even 30. His last match was against Garcia in April 2023. Davis landed a brutal body shot in the seventh round of the fight to win by TKO.

Garcia told reporters that he does not think Gervonta Davis would face him. Even if Davis did beat Frank Martin, he would not want to move up entire weight classes for a rematch. Meanwhile, Garcia said it is physically impossible for him to move down to 140. It will be interesting to see if this highly anticipated rematch ever makes it to the boxing ring in reality.


Ryan Garcia says Devin Haney would beat Gervonta Davis

As much as people want Ryan Garcia to claim the WBC belt from Haney, they also want to see what happens if Garcia faces Gervonta Davis again. UFC superstar, Conor McGregor had already advised Garcia last year to re-run the fight with no rehydration clause.

Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis (2)
Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis (Via DAZN)

Garcia recently sat down with Patrick Bet Davis for a conversation after he beat Haney. During their interview, Garcia made a very interesting claim. He said that Devin Haney was a much harder fight than Gervonta Davis was.

According to Garcia, he was simply weak during their fight. He called out Davis and said if he wanted to make a lot of money they could run it back at 144 lbs. If not, Garcia is already making enough money.

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