Ryan Garcia SHOCKINGLY confirms winning $12 million after betting on himself in Devin Haney fight

Ryan Garcia confirms $12 million dollar payout after wild antics on social media leading up to the fight.

Ryan Garcia SHOCKINGLY confirms winning $12 million after betting on himself in Devin Haney fight

Ryan Garcia (image credit- Boxing Scene)

Ryan Garcia reportedly made a big buck out of his recent fight with Devin Haney. Garcia was the underdog in this matchup after all his recent antics. However, it looks like KingRy had the last laugh. This could have been a title shot for Garcia but ended up being a huge payday. As such, he claimed to have made $12 million in betting on himself.


After the fight, Ryan Garcia posted a picture of himself on Instagram. It read that the boxer made $12 million after he bet $2 million on himself to beat Devin Haney. The next slide was a tweet from Boxing Kingdom that read:

Ryan Garcia cashed out a $12M winning ticket from a leading gambling company this morning, after he bet $2M on himself to win last night.
Ryan Garcia on his Instagram

Before the fight, the boxer reportedly lost $1.5 million bet to Devin Haney during the weigh-ins after he missed weight by 3 pounds. However, he wrote in the caption that he made “about 50 million ( probably more ) in one night.” If true, then Garcia made more than what he was worth last year being on the list of the highest-paid athletes.

Many question the legalities around fighters betting on themselves. Fighters are allowed to bet on themselves for their fight but they are not allowed to pick what round and what time. Moreover, the commission may dismiss their wager anytime if they smell anything fishy. Floyd Mayweather famously failed to bet on himself hours before his fight with Conor McGregor which became the second biggest money fight in boxing history.


Was it all a marketing gimmick for Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garica blew up on the internet after his c*azy antics went viral on social media. Moreover, he came into the Haney fight with a loss from Gervonta Davis in 2023, which broke his record as an undefeated boxer. However, 2024 saw Garcia talking about everything under the sun. Every other week, one of his clips went viral.

Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney
Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney (image credit- BBC)

This carried on right until the fight with Devin Haney. Garcia chugged a bottle of beer right before the weigh-ins and missed weight which cost him Haney’s WBC title. That coupled with Devin Haney being an undefeated boxer on his own accord, was enough to convince many people that Ryan Garcia was about to lose this matchup.

However, reality turned out to be something entirely different. Garcia was in better shape than ever. He dropped Haney multiple times throughout the fight. Many claim it would have been a knockout victory for Garcia if the referee had not kept Haney around every time he got dropped.

Moreover, it was not beer in his bottle during the weigh-ins but rather apple juice and sparkling water, as Garcia revealed to Jake Paul during FaceTime. All of this raises the question: Was it all staged for Ryan Garcia to become the biggest underdog in boxing history to cash out a multimillion-dollar cheque after an incredible performance in the ring? Only he knows the truth.


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