“You hustling backwards!” Shannon Sharpe goes off on Jontay Porter ruining NBA career over gambling

Shannon Sharpe is amazed at how one could throw away their career for a thrill which brought meagre returns.

“You hustling backwards!” Shannon Sharpe goes off on Jontay Porter ruining NBA career over gambling

Shannon Sharpe has a strong take on Jontay Porter getting a lifetime ban from the NBA for betting

With the Jontay Porter situation going on, many analysts and sports personalities are discussing the situation. NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, while discussing the NBA’s lifetime ban on his podcast, had some choice words to throw in Porter’s direction about his life choices.


Shannon Sharpe picked up the topic to discuss with friend Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on his podcast Nightcap. After going over the details of the lifetime ban the NBA handed to the former Toronto Raptors forward, Sharpe had quite a few words.

In his NBA playing career, he made basically $2.4 million. In gambling on the NBA, he made $22,000. You hustling backwards. People gonna look at you like you got to be the biggest damn fool. Because you made $2.4 million, and you lost your entire career for $22,000.
Shannon Sharpe said

While Sharpe was belting out his analogy, Johnson said that it could be an addiction. To which Sharpe responded that the thrill is what makes someone like Jontay Porter do it.

Johnson tried to give the 6′ 10″ forward some grace by suggesting that he might have thought he was not earning enough, which might have drawn him to the world of betting. However, even though Sharpe agreed, he said that it was not the right way to do so.


Sharpe felt that the brother of Michael Porter Jr. could have followed in his footsteps and improved his game well enough to get better contracts. He even had the support of Raptors head coach Darko Rajakovic who had coached him in their previous stint together with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Shannon Sharpe roots for the Philadelphia 76ers if Joel Embiid is healthy

Shannon Sharpe wants to win another bet with Stephen A. Smith. After beating his First Take host fair and square in a bet surrounding Anthony Davis‘ health, the NFL Hall of Famer is riding high on the Philadelphia 76ers. The only caveat is Joel Embiid‘s health. With news of Embiid not being close to mid-season fitness, Sharpe was a little hesitant.

However, he was quick to say that if the superstar big man can get back to fitness, he will ride the 76ers train all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. That will invariably bring out a bet with Smith, as he is locked on to his New York Knicks.

Sharpe wants any situation he can get his hands on to win against his famed colleague. If he wins this one too, it will be 3-0 against Stephen A. Smith this year.


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