“We want all the smoke!” Darvin Ham gives BOLD speech to Lakers team ahead of Denver Nuggets playoffs challenge

The Lakers were 0-4 against the Nuggets in last year's Western Conference finals.

“We want all the smoke!” Darvin Ham gives BOLD speech to Lakers team ahead of Denver Nuggets playoffs challenge

Darvin Ham gives motivational speech for the Lakers' matchup against the Nuggets.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the golden opportunity to take revenge on the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets. After winning the play-in game, the Lakers have officially secured the 7th seed in the West and are now headed to the playoffs.


The first round of the playoffs will be a rematch between last year’s Western Conference finalists. As the Los Angeles Lakers got swept in that series, the team’s head coach Darvin Ham made a speech to get his team ready for the upcoming battle.

It's back to 0-0 now. We want all the smoke and we ain't ducking no fades.
Darvin Ham to the LA Lakers after their win against the Pelicans

The Lakers have had a rough history with the Denver Nuggets. Even after the championship semifinals, the men in purple have not won a single game against the Nuggets this season. It would certainly be exciting to watch this matchup early in the postseason.

HC Ham’s speech after the team’s electric win against the New Orleans Pelicans raised some eyebrows. It was only natural that the coach was hyped after a powerful win, but the NBA fans have not forgotten the team’s 0-8 score against the Nuggets. Looking at the Lakers’ run this season, it would interesting to see the team’s performance in a seven-game series.


Anthony Davis revealed having conversations with LeBron James about the Nuggets

The Lakers season has been full of ups and downs. After winning the NBA’s first in-season tournament, the team’s winning record started going downhill. But in the final portion of the regular season, they switched gears and finished with a better record than last year.

This has raised some confidence in the team’s big man Anthony Davis. Despite going through injuries, the star has dominated every minute he has been on the court. After taking the team to a victory against the Pelicans, Davis showed excitement to face the Nuggets.

It was just a lot of talking...We get it, y’all won, but me and Bron had some conversations… we can’t wait.  
Anthony Davis after the win against the Pelicans

LeBron James and Davis were the dynamic duo against the Pelicans. Davis scored a double-double with James leading the team in points. The pair showed a glimpse of the Lakers’ postseason in the game, indicating the stars are ready to fight for another title together.

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