“You don’t get to stay on top forever!” Steve Kerr admits the Warriors got totally dominated physically by the Kings

Klay Thompson delivered his career worst performance scoring zero points in 32 mins of play.

“You don’t get to stay on top forever!” Steve Kerr admits the Warriors got totally dominated physically by the Kings

Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs after being crushed 118-94 by the Sacramento Kings. For the entire game, the Warriors appeared vulnerable, with only Stephen Curry standing out and scoring more than 20 points, and no other player having an impact. Following the game, Steve Kerr issued a statement where he praised the Kings for their performance and identified key areas where they fell short.


Throughout the game, the Kings were ahead and dominated by the Warriors. Steve Kerr looked at the fact that they were physically overpowered and had little control over their defense or offense. He praised the Kings and mentioned that ‘this is how life is, with no one staying at the top.’

They physically took it to us tonight.. they dominated physically... it was total domination. This is life. This is how it works. You don't get to stay on top forever. 
Steve Kerr said in the post-match interview

Regardless, the Golden State Warriors’ best finish in the recent five seasons has been the 2021-22 season, when they achieved the third seed. In the 2019-20 season, they finished at the bottom of the standings with only 15 wins and 50 losses. Indeed, there was a time when everyone expected more from the squad, but it could not give.

Steve Kerr wants Klay Thompson next season, despite his dismal performance

With the Warriors, Klay Thompson had a rather dismal season that ended with a defeat to the Kings. For Thompson, though, it was not just a loss—he scored zero points in 32 minutes—but also his worst career performance. But Steve Kerr still wants Thompson in the upcoming season despite this performance and he mentioned the same in the post-match interview.

We need Klay back. I know he had a tough night tonight. What he represents for us, is the spacing. We are not a deep-shooting team. We are low-top heavy. And Klay's presence means so much to the spacing on the floor, the flow of the offense.
Steve Kerr added

Thomspon is moving toward unrestricted free agency in the offseason. For the front office to consider him for upcoming projects, his performance to date will be crucial evidence. Despite Kerr’s desire for him, if he stays, perhaps his redemption won’t be too far off.

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