Shannon Sharpe ready to bet ‘everything he owns’ on Max Holloway if he were to ever lock horns with Chad Johnson

Sharpe made fun of Johnson claiming it will take Holloway 30 seconds to defeat him in a match.

Shannon Sharpe ready to bet ‘everything he owns’ on Max Holloway if he were to ever lock horns with Chad Johnson

(L) Chad Johnson, (M) Max Holloway and (R) Shannon Sharpe (Image via IMAGO)

Mark the date for Chad Johnson vs. Max Holloway. However, there’s a catch, because it may never come to fruition. After all, Shannon Sharpe believes Holloway will make quick work of the former NFL wide receiver.


On Saturday, Holloway won the BMF belt after beating Justin Gaethje in UFC 300 at the T-Mobile Arena. Following the historic night, Sharpe and Johnson were discussing Holloway’s victory on their Nightcap podcast. 

Right before the end of their show, Johnson said that he could take on Holloway because he used to wrestle during his younger days. The Cincinnati Bengals ring of honor holder claimed that if he and the 32-year-old went head-to-head, he might beat him.

After hearing his friends’ audacious hypothesis, Sharpe could not resist and poke fun at him. When Johnson asked how many rounds it would take for the match to finish.


30 seconds!

Shannon Sharpe replied

Johnson was dumbfounded by the answer. 

Wait, what did you mean by 30? Why are you disrespecting me?
Johnson said

Shannon Sharpe was having too much and kept piling on the pressure.

"I am putting all my money, and take all the money I got. Everything I own and put it on Max Halloway [Holloway]," Sharpe said

"He will beat the brakes off you. And two more people just like you," Sharpe taunted

"So you think? YOU THINK. YOU THINK. Max Holloway can beat me!," Johnson said
Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson continued their banter

Chad Johnson sent Max Holloway an open invitation for a sparring match

One would be led to believe that after Sharpe’s constant bombardment of ridicule, Johnson would back off. Yet it was the opposite, as the 46-year-old seemed even more determined than before to fight Max Holloway.

Shannon Sharpe ready to bet 'everything he owns' on Max Holloway if he were to ever lock horns with Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson (Image via IMAGO)
You know what? Max Holloway, if you are seeing this podcast, if you have any time to do your next break until your next fight, please let's spar. Let's get some footage. I just want to show Uncle Sharpe that I ain't with the bullsh**.
Johnson pleaded

This may come back to haunt him because he wants to fight not only a champion but someone who has won 26 fights out of 33 in his career, of which 12 were knockouts. 


Sharpe rightfully pointed out that his co-host will have problems taking on an entry-level fighter, let alone a champion. So Johnson put forward a scenario in which he has to defend his family from Holloway. In his mind, a father can do anything for his kin, which Sharpe retorted.

Leave your kids at home.
Sharpe said

There’s still time between Max Holloway’s featherweight title match against Ilia TopuriaSo the 32-year-old could arrange training sessions with Johnson.

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