“Who guarding Kobe?” Shaquille O’Neal STUNNED by Draymond Green’s suggestion that his 2015 Championship team would beat Lakers 2001 team

Draymond Green suggested defensive schemes would be needed to guard Shaquille O'Neal.

“Who guarding Kobe?” Shaquille O’Neal STUNNED by Draymond Green’s suggestion that his 2015 Championship team would beat Lakers 2001 team

Draymond Green thinks his team could take on Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant's Lakers team

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant had a dominant time together with the Los Angeles Lakers. Had it not been for off-the-court issues, they could have won more than three titles. Recently, Draymond Green joined O’Neal on his podcast. As such, the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors debate happened during the podcast.

Draymond Green suggested that his 2015 Golden State Warriors Championship team would beat the 2001 Lakers team. To counter the argument, O’Neal had the choicest retorts and reactions. The former league MVP big man asked Green how one of his teams would beat O’Neal’s Lakers and who would guard him.

I don't think any one player on our team could have guarded you. I do think there were defensive schemes that we could have thrown at you to affect you. One is not letting you get the ball. So, we’re going to guard you with a guy in front of you and guy behind you… We’re leaving somebody over there to shoot, because you guys couldn’t shoot.
Draymond Green via The Big Podcast with Shaq

To this, O’Neal replied:

Draymond stop. Who guarding Kobe?
Shaquille O’Neal via The Big Podcast with Shaq

Green replied that it would be Klay Thompson. To this, O’Neal acted in disbelief. It shows that the 7′ 1″ center knows all too well that no one on any of Draymond Green‘s championship teams could guard a prime Kobe Bryant. He knew that his late great friend would have torched Thompson. Kobe Bryant would have also made life difficult for the Splash Brothers on defense.

It seems Green’s confidence was too high with regard to his team. O’Neal’s reactions in between what Green suggested was worthy of putting together as a meme. After all, he suggested that the Golden State Warriors would set up a defensive scheme to render O’Neal useless.

Draymond Green suggested his team could contain Shaquille O’Neal

Green suggested using one player in front to stop Shaquille O’Neal from getting the ball. That would be his assignment. Another player, probably former teammate Andrew Bogut would come behind O’Neal to stop him from scoring if he did get the ball. That way, they could neutralize the big man’s effect.

Draymond Green added that if he could execute his assignment properly, it would make it difficult for Shaq to make an impact on the game. Green suggested that he would ensure that the ball never reached O’Neal. But after all this, the former Los Angeles Lakers center suggested that other teams have tried these methods before and failed.

Moreover, with his physical attributes, Draymond Green could not have stopped him from getting the ball. Once he got the ball, there was no way anyone on a Warriors championship team could stop O’Neal from dominating.

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