Who is Mikaela Shiffrin’s boyfriend? Know all about Aleksander Kilde

<strong>Who is Mikaela Shiffrin’s boyfriend? Know all about Aleksander Kilde</strong>

Mikaela Shiffrin and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde [Image Credit: The Washington Post]

Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin is in a long-term relationship with his skier boyfriend Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. In an interview, Aleksander shared how it feels visiting the US with his girlfriend when he noted,  “I’ll always be the ‘plus one’ when I’m around Mikaela…”


The two-time Olympic gold medalist, Mikaela also acknowledged the fact. Mikaela is not an unknown name in the skiing sphere. Her accomplishments speak louder than any interviews. She is the youngest slalom champion and the only skier to win 6 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup disciplines.

Mikaela tied Lindsey Vonn’s record after having an incredible win at the Kranjska Gora slalom victory on January 8th. It was her 82nd career World Cup race win that undoubtedly garnered wide media attention. Furthermore, Mikaela’s boyfriend is also an alpine skier though he also has the identity of a former football.

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Mikaela Shiffrin and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde

Mikaela Shiffrin and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde [Image Credit: The New York Times]
Mikaela Shiffrin and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde [Image Credit: The New York Times]

Since the very beginning, the public had their eyes on the relationship between Mikaela Shiffrin and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. The Norweigan World Cup alpine skier met Mikaela 6-7 years ago. Ironically, Alek stated that he got rejected after he made his first move. 

Though it turned out that Mikaela’s gesture was misunderstood by the former footballer. In a statement, Mikaela told Reuters, “We met somewhere around seven years ago, and I think he started the conversation by saying ‘Hi.’” 

“He also sent the first friend request. He technically asked me on a date later that year, but I sort of denied him. I thought I was being cute, but he seems to have taken it as a rejection.”

In 2021, when both skiers were facing one of their life’s most difficult challenges, they came together and their relationship started developing henceforth. At that time Mikaela was struggling to cope with her father Jeff’s death, while Alek had to deal with a serious injury as he walked on crutches.


Their life took turns as both supported each other, and finally, on May 2021, they made their relationship official via an Instagram post. Mikaela noted, “Last year he got in touch with me again with a really nice and supportive message to my family once I started racing again after my dad’s accident, and this time we just never stopped chatting.”

They happily posed together as they went viral for their relationship. Since then it’s been a long run where the duo faced challenges and overcame them together. Alek captioned on Insta, “If you know, you know…and now you know”. His message sent a heart-racing moment for their fans who eagerly waited for the two to share such news.

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