Skip Bayless makes WILD playoff prediction for LeBron James and Lakers

The Lakers will face the defending champions, the Nuggets in the first round of playoffs.

Skip Bayless makes WILD playoff prediction for LeBron James and Lakers

Skip Bayless predicts that LeBron James and the Lakers will defeat the Nuggets in first round.

The Los Angeles Lakers are all set for the first round of the playoffs against the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets. The re-match between last year’s Western Conference finalists has the attention of the entire NBA world. Last year, the series did not turn out well for LeBron James and the team. However, Sports commentator, Skip Bayless believes the result will be the exact opposite this time.


On a recent episode of Fox’s Undisputed, host Skip Bayless made a bold prediction about the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Nuggets series. After criticizing LeBron James all year, Bayless believes that the Lakers will take down the Nuggets in six games as he sang high praise for their superstar.

The Lakers are going to win tomorrow night and they're going to win the series in 6 games. Because I believe the basketball gods have tapped LeBron James on the shoulder. I believe they have blessed him. 
Skip Bayless on Undisputed

To back up his claim, Bayless mentioned the Denver Nuggets‘ embarrassing loss against bottom-seeded San Antonio Spurs last week. Bayless was also impressed by the Lakers’ play-in win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Although the points made by Bayless seem valid, winning a seven-game series will not be that easy for LA.

The Lakers have lost eight straight games against the Nuggets, including the 0-4 upset in the conference finals. Considering both teams’ record so far, and the Nuggets’ complete healthy roster, the team will certainly give a hard time to the men in purple and gold. The Lakers will have to take their dominance to the next level to hold down the Nuggets in a playoff series.


LeBron James says he is in a much better rhythm than last year to face the Nuggets

LeBron James gave a ray of hope to the Lakers fans as he spoke about his mental and physical health before heading to the first-round series.

As the Lakers got a break after the play-in game, the 39-year-old is well-rested and believes the team will have a better outing this time.

I'm in a much better rhythm.. physically, emotionally, all that. Coming into the series this year compared to the Western Conference Finals last year I was extremely banged up… I'm not a 100...but I feel better than I did last year
LeBron James Via Spectrum Sportsnet

Bayless also mentioned James is shooting much better from the three-point line than last year. The star also has a better assist average in the current season. As the Lakers had an exhausting playoff run last year to reach the West finals, it seems like they have a better chance this year. NBA fans will certainly look forward to this matchup all things considered.

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