“Be careful what you wish for…” Stephen A. Smith thinks Anthony Edwards calling out Kyrie Irving was a mistake

Kyrie Irving came all guns blazing against the Timberwolves in Game 1.

“Be careful what you wish for…” Stephen A. Smith thinks Anthony Edwards calling out Kyrie Irving was a mistake

Stephen A Smith believes that Anthony Edwards made a mistake by calling out Kyrie Irving

Before the start of Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks, the Wolves guard Anthony Edwards called out the Mavs star Kyrie Irving. He did something that he regretted later.


Kyrie Irving went on to play one of the most aggressive games of this season as a response to Edwards‘ comments. This wasn’t missed by ESPN host Stephen A. Smith.

Of course it was [a bad move] without question. I mean, that’s something I’ve been alluding to coming into the series for the last few days.--We love Ant-Man. I think he is the new face of the NBA. I think he is the superstar blossoming before our eyes and I think he is going to deliver a championship to Minnesota one day, if not this year--But I was like, 'Yo, be careful what you wish for.'
said Stephen A Smith while talking about the incident on First Take

According to Smith, Kyrie is not the bear that you want to poke. However, after the game, Kyrie did admit that he likes this mentality from Edwards, and it is one of the reasons he “loves him”. The next matchup involving Irving and Edwards will take place on Friday at Target Center. Minnesota will be motivated to avoid facing a 2-0 series deficit while having to travel to Dallas for the next two games of the series.

In Game 1, Kyrie dropped 30 points, along with 5 rebounds and 4 assists. He inspired the Mavericks to gain an advantage in the series, which is being speculated to go till Game 7, given the stature of both teams.

Gilbert Arenas also warned Anthony Edwards on calling out Kyrie Irving

Stephen A. Smith was not the only one giving a friendly warning to Edwards. Gilbert Arenas had some cautionary wise words for the Wolves’ shooting guard ahead of the Game 1 in the ongoing Western Conference final series.

The fact that Anthony Edwards publicly said, 'I'm about to guard him (Irving),' that's not the person' --You want him docile. He's been docile. … The fact that you challenged him means his engine's on, and he's going to try to sit there and body you. And that's not what you want.
Gilbert Arenas said via Gil’s Arena

As per the three-time NBA All-Star Arenas, Kyrie is someone you want docile if he is playing against you. Consequently, Edwards’ comments did not age well for the Minnesota Timberwolves as the Mavericks went on to beat the Wolves with an astounding performance from Kyrie.

Gilbert also mentioned that Kyrie will bring his A game and come very strongly in Game 1. Kyrie did just that and left the Target Center in awe with his heroics.

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