“You gotta make your first shot”: Dell Curry laid bar for baby Stephen Curry in years to come

Stephen Curry making a legacy in NBA

Stephen Curry and Dell Curry

The Golden State Warriors prolific shooter Stephen Curry has ruled the three-point segment ever since his arrival. He has gained the stature of being the best shooter to have played in the NBA> Thus the Dubs nation talisman is their biggest asset so far. In his 11 seasons, Stephen Curry has brought in a revolution in shooting at the NBA. Be it a step-back, side step, catch and shoot or deep range triples, he has got it all in his pockets. Also called as the ‘baby faced assassin’ Stephen Curry was seen setting bar by dad Dell Curry for his future years in NBA.

Stephen Curry has carried the Golden State Warriors single handed out of slump. The Dubs are 31-32 in west and barely making it enough for the play-in tournament chance. The versatile shooter is the sole reason GSW have come so far. Steph is undoubtedly a wrecking ball for the oppositions. The way he exploits loose defense with his great ball handling is impeccable. But how did this trait come in his genes? Well the answer is Dell Curry. Former NBA player and Stephen Curry’s father Dell Curry electrified the league during his prime.

Stephen Curry got it in his veins!

Recently, an old interview of Dell Curry and family has been trending. In this interview, Dell is along with his wife and baby Stephen Curry on screen. After Stephen Curry missed some shots back then, Dell said, “Come on, man, you gotta make your first shot,” Later he added, “You’re shooting bricks, man.” Stephen Curry is not just bricking the shots but making some effortless acrobatic shots to count.

Stephen Curry has brought in revolution in shooting. He is the player who has hyped up the three-point shooting so much that most of the players adhere to it. Players are being judged by their ability to make these count. Recently Steph became the highest scorer in the month of April with 96 three-pointers. He was averaging 37.3 points this month and 6.1 rebounds as well. He is the most important player to get the Dubs past play-in tournament if they qualify.

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