Skip Bayless leaves out Stephen Curry from his All-Time top 20 players list

Stephen Curry out of Skip Bayless' top pick

Skip Bayless is one such NBA analyst who has a very selected preference of players. He hates LeBron James while has a word of appreciation for Stephen Curry. Skip Bayless is the same analyst who believed that Stephen Curry was in his prime during the 2016 season. The Golden State Warriors are 6-4 in their last 10 games and have a minimal chance to make it to the top 6 this season. Their performance has been steadily increasing with every game. While Stephen Curry is dropping in MVP numbers, Skip Bayless still feels he lacks attributes to be in his top 20 All-Time pick.

The Golden State Warriors are a potential threat to every team contesting for playoff spot in the last stages. The result of this herculean show has attracted a much attention to the Dubs star Stephen Curry. His heroics are at par with superman saving the city single handed. Stephen Curry’s commanding play is the sole reason why the team is backing up such high numbers in the past matches. However, Skip Bayless isn’t convinced to call Stephen Curry a star yet. Despite showering his appreciations in the past, the analyst has a huge complaint letter against the shooting prodigy.

Stephen Curry not ready to join the greats!

Being at such elite level, Stephen Curry deserves to be one of the players in everyone’s choice of roster. But it isn’t same for the NBA analyst Skip Bayless. According to him, “I’ve got Hakeem, I’ve got Oscar, I’ve got Dr J. These are all better than Steph, right here, right now. I’ve got David Robinson; you think not? Karl Malone, second all-time leading scorer…”

He added, “I’ve got Bill Walton… he dominated pro basketball very few dominated. He got hurt… He took it over. He was the runaway MVP, regular season, finals. I haven’t seen that from Steph yet. I haven’t seen him take over in the biggest moments. I’m sorry, I still have Dirk in my top, in my second tier to be the Top 20, did he not win finals MVP?…Jerry West, he’s better right there over Steph.”

The 69-YO seriously criticized Stephen Curry. Despite huge numbers in the previous match Skip Bayless said, he wasn’t ready to be in top 20. Stephen Curry is averaging 40 points per game in his last 11 games. This number is insane but still isn’t enough to convince Skip. Bayless seems to have forgot to acknowledge Stephen Curry while he is playing at an MVP level.

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