WATCH: ‘Stunned’ Reggie Miller left dumbfounded by Draymond Green drilling consistent 3-pointers against the Lakers

Draymond Green was 5-5 from the three-point line against the Lakers.

WATCH: ‘Stunned’ Reggie Miller left dumbfounded by Draymond Green drilling consistent 3-pointers against the Lakers

Reggie Miller was shocked by Draymond Green's consecutive three-pointers.

It is certainly not new to witness three-pointers flying around during a Golden State Warriors game. The team is famously known for their consecutive points from beyond the arc credited to the Splash Brothers. However, today it seems as if another member of the team has joined the three-point fellowship of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.


The member is none other than the third part of the Warriors dynasty, Draymond Green. The forward who usually contributes to the defensive end of the court turned things around during the Warriors’ matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. NBA veteran and game commentator Reggie Miller was left dumbfounded by Green’s 4-4 three-pointers in the first half.

What is going on here with Draymond Green? Is he one of the honorary splash brother? 
Reggie Miller during commentary

Miller, one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of the NBA was not the only one surprised by Green’s scoring run. After Green shot his 5th three-pointer of the game, the forward got the honor of getting the ‘flamethrower’ call by veteran commentator Kevin Harlan. Even the old-timer expressed being in disbelief by his own call.

The Golden State Warriors as a whole had an amazing shooting night to defeat the Lakers. The team shot a total of 26 triples with a 63.4 three-point percentage. Their dominant performance on both the offensive and defensive side of the court, led to a team win for the Warriors.


Draymond Green passes Larry Bird for career three-pointers

Draymond Green is the play-making and defensive pillar for the Warriors. The star mostly works on the opposite side of the court protecting the rim. Therefore, whenever the forward starts to perform offensively and score for his team, Dub Nation gets pleasantly surprised.

Green’s performance on Tuesday is not the first time the Warriors forward has shaken the NBA world with his three-point shooting abilities. Last month, Green passed NBA legend Larry Bird on the all-time three-pointer list. During the Warriors game vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, Green made his 650th three-pointer moving past Bird’s 649 mark.

Bird, famously known as the originator of the three-pointer, led the league twice in triples from 1985 to 1987. Despite Green passing Bird, the Boston Celtics legend had a better shooting percentage of 37.6 to Green’s 32. All things considered, Green’s record is still hugely impressive as he is an active player and still has a chance to improve his stat line.

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