Draymond Green praises UConn star for making Zach Edey ‘QUIT’ in 19th minute of NCAA Championship game

Samson Johnson had an impactful cameo in the NCAA final which got the shoutout from the Warriors superstar.

Draymond Green praises UConn star for making Zach Edey ‘QUIT’ in 19th minute of NCAA Championship game

Zach Edey and Draymond Green

Draymond Green, the four-time NBA champion, happened to witness the national championship game between UCONN and Purdue on Monday. It was a close game until the second half when UCONN took over.


Purdue’s star, 7-foot-4 Zach Edey, did all he could to lead his team. Unfortunately, the big man’s efforts came up short, as the Huskies were crowned the national champs in the end, beating the Boilermakers, 75-60.

During the game, Green noticed number 35 of the Huskies, Samson Johnson. Johnson got in the game for just five minutes. But his efforts were received heavy praise from Green. According to the Warrior, Johnson’s defense on Edey changed the flow of the game. Green made this assumption after noticing Edey’s body language walking back after the whistle.

Job Well Done 35! You did your job tonight. It was him that made Edey quit with about 19 mins to go in the 2nd half. There was a turnover and I saw Edey body language walking back. He was done. Now rewatch the game from that point on. #FreeGame
wrote Draymond Green on X

However, this was not an accurate assumption to make. Zach Edey played 39 minutes in the Final game. Putting up 37 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks, the center gave his all. While his performance in the first half was undoubtedly better than the second half, the said turnover wasn’t the reason for Edey’s low performance later on in the game.

Draymond Green was watching the championship game very closely

During the game, Green also noticed a play that resembled Steve Kerr and Dan Hurley’s style. With just seven minutes into the closeout, UCONN made a play where the player who gives the screen cuts inside and receives a pass from the center. Green was not late to spot the play as he went straight to X express what he saw.

That was very Steve Kerr-esque Dan Hurley!! Hit the corner while the big is off fake the handoff hit the slip.
wrote Green

The NBA four-time champion has some serious game sense, as also seen from his game. Green and the Warriors, on the other hand, have other problems to worry about. The Dubs are 10th in the West heading to the Play-In tournament.

Draymond Green and company have a deep postseason experience, though they’ll have to make it out of the Play-In first. It will be interesting to see the Warriors play their second Play-In tournament. The tournament is scheduled to commence on April 16th, as the Dubs will probably face the Los Angeles Lakers.


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