Superstar says he made Bray Wyatt laugh while he was ‘The Fiend’

R-Truth reveals an interesting encounter with Bray Wyatt which made him smile while being in a scary character...

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

This was an instance which was described by WWE superstar R-Truth. He shared an amusing backstage memory involving Bray Wyatt, in his latest interview with Sports Illustrated. In this interview he also discussed various other things also.

R-Truth had a lot to talk about while discussing his career as a wrestler so far, in a truthful conversation  in the interview. He talked in detail about his ability to make anyone laugh. He also recalled a funny backstage incident from the time when he was working with fellow Superstar Bray Wyatt.

“I can really make them laugh. I was doing something with Bray [Wyatt] one time, ‘It’s going to be hard because Truth’s going to make me laugh.’ This made him laugh while being in the ‘Fiend’ costume.

R-Truth made many ‘serious Superstars’ laugh with his hilarious antics


R-Truth is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of the modern era. He has been a mainstay in WWE for more than a decade at this point. He attained his peak run coming in 2019 during the first few months of the WWE 24/7 title’s existence.

Truth hasn’t always been a main event superstar but has always entertained fans. He has had promos like ‘Truth show’, a tag title with Miz and many more. Truth has made Superstars like Brock Lesnar and Shayna Baszler break character on WWE TV.

This shows his stature and is possibly the most hilarious act in the company. They are regarded as rigid superstars in locker room who are not chirpy to other superstars.

When we talk about Bray Wyatt he is currently donning the persona of The Fiend. This character one of the most terrifying entities the WWE Universe has ever witnessed. He has worked with R-Truth in singles action on various occasions in a WWE. His career is moving upwards with his collaboration with Alexa Bliss as ‘Sister Abigail’.

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