Surprising fact about Islam Makhachev’s mother revealed after P4P champion breaks record at UFC 302

Islam Makhachev returns to Dagestan after successfully defending his lightweight title at UFC 302. 

Surprising fact about Islam Makhachev’s mother revealed after P4P champion breaks record at UFC 302

Islam Makhachev (via Imago/X)

Islam Makhachev‘s last UFC outing turned into a legendary battle. The fighter successfully defended his title at UFC 302 and broke the all-time lightweight winning streak record. As Makhachev’s parents welcomed their son in Dagestan, it paved the way for the fans to understand the dynamics of the Makhachev family.

Islam Makhachev‘s father, Ramazan Makhachev, recently spoke to the media regarding his son’s victory. During the conversation, Ramazan revealed one surprising aspect about the Makahchev family. This had something to do with Makhachev’s mother and her relationship with mixed martial arts.

His mother never does. She even leaves the house during his fights. Whether it's night or day, she's away for an hour or two.
Islam Makhachev’s father via Red Corner MMA 

This is indeed a huge revelation about Makhachev’s mother. At UFC 302, Makhachev showed why he’s the P4P best fighter in the world by going through adversity and coming out on top. Lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov credited Makhachev and mentioned that the fight helped the champ to grow as a fighter

Makhachev has always credited Khabib Nurmagomedov and his father, the famous Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, for his success. Makhachev has trained with Nurmagomedov since he was a child and eventually rose to the position of finest lightweight in the UFC. Furthermore, Dagestan and its culture deserve much credit which helped in creating a competitive background for the fighters. 

Islam Makhachev goes into detail about the wrestling culture in Dagestan

Khabib Nurmagomedov really helped put Dagestan on the map, and now millions around the world know about the ‘crazy mountains.’ Over the years, many other fighters have come from the same region and have dominated their respective promotions.

Islam Makhachev talks about Dagestan and its culture
Islam Makhachev talks about Dagestani culture (via Instagram)

While talking about Dagestan, Islam Makhachev opened up about the inbuilt competition between the young generation in his hometown.

It's the competition inside the gym. All wrestling gym is full. We don't have some space for training. Everybody want to train and the competition inside the gym, is make you better everyday. Because iron sharp iron, we push each other. 
Islam Makhachev via The Pound 4 Pound Podcast 

Makhachev is currently the pound-for-pound number one fighter and is looking for his shot at the double champion status. He’s one win away from having the most number of title defenses in the history of the lightweight division. When it’s all said and done, it will be interesting to see if Makhachev has done enough to become a Top 5 fighter of all time.  

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