Lia Thomas’ opponent Riley Gaines told to “seek counselling” if uncomfortable changing in front of male genitalia

Lia Thomas, IMAGO / Icon Sportswire, Riley Gaines
Lia Thomas, IMAGO / Icon Sportswire, Riley Gaines

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has caused controversy over the entirety of the last year after competing and winning in the women’s category at the NCAA National Championships. The situation has not been helped by the fact that several of her teammates are now speaking up against the discrimination they feel like they are facing.

Swimmer and rival Riley Gaines has been one of the most outspoken protestors of Thomas, especially after losing out to her at the NCAA Champs. Recently in an interview, Gaines spoke out about the ridiculous Ivy League clauses that were set while they were competing.

While Gaines’ her teammates sided with her while she spoke up about the unfair circumstances that they were facing, the University of Pennsylvania decided to side with Thomas instead, making the swimmers very unhappy.

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Riley Gaines’ strong words against Lia Thomas garner support

Lia Thomas
Lia Thomas

“This is something they deal with every single day, but of course they’re intimidated, they’re threatened, they’re emotionally blackmailed,” Gaines said to the Daily Caller. Gaines pointed out that she did not receive a lot of blowback for her comments against Thomas.

“I have so many examples of what these Ive League schools have said to their swimmers in hopes to not get them to speak out. One of those examples being an email sent to the Ivy League swimmers saying if you feel uncomfortable changing in an area where you will see male genitalia, here’s some resources and you should seek counseling,” said Gaines.

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