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Becky Lynch is an Irish Professional wrestler and is one of the four horsewomen of WWE. She is considered one of the most talented stars in the women’s wrestling industry and her aura is an attraction for millions of fans. 

Professional Wrestling Career

NXT (2013-2015)

Becky Lynch earned fame with her career in NXT. Being one of the most talented individuals to step into the squared circle, the Man rose to the top of the women’s wrestling industry. Lynch was named a horsewoman for her intriguing character and unique wrestling style. 

RAW & SMACKDOWN (2015-Present)

Since her debut on the main roster, the Man rose to prominence after defeating some of the top stars on the women’s roster. In 2016, Lynch became the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Championship and earned a lot of respect from iconic stars. 

After getting the persona of the Man, Lynch went on a different level and her popularity increased day-by-day. With her iconic wrestling skills, Lynch became the face of the women’s wrestling industry which also made her an inspiration to many young stars. 

Since 2020, Lynch had numerous Women’s Championship wins which made her an all-time great. In her illustrious career, Lynch has defeated some of the most prominent stars in the wrestling industry including WWE Hall of Famers.

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