Team Alpha 7 Esports emerged as the champions of PMWI West finals (PUBG Mobile World Invitational)

PUBG Mobile World Invitational West/PMWI West Finals has been concluded today and the tournament has witnessed some of the top-notch performance from 16 Western PUBG professional teams.

The tournament is a charity PUBG Mobile event organized by PUBG Corporation under the collaboration with Gamers without borders. The event boasts a massive prize pool of $3,160,000 USD distributed equally among Eastern and Western Regions teams.

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At the end of the day, Team Alpha 7 Esports become the champions of the PMWI West finals by securing a total of 251 overall points and 119 kill points. Team Konika Power has come down to the second spot with 227 points whereas the team remained on the top after Day3. Team Next Ruya gaming and RTG Esports finished at #3 and #4 with 213 and 207 points respectively.

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PUBG Mobile World Invitational – PMWI West Finals Day Overall Standings

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The finals day of PMWI West has started with the teams playing on the Erangel map. Team Alpha7 Esports has acquired the Winner Winner chicken dinner in this match with a massive total of 13 kills. Ghost Gaming has taken the second spot in this match with 7 kills. Team Konika power had shown good gameplay taking 8 kills but was eliminated early.

The second match of the finals was played on the Sanhok map and it was won by Team Gunz Esports with a whopping total of 19 kills. Team Alpha7 Esports with 9 kills and Team 19 esports with 5 kills have secured #2 and #3 places in this match.

Team Ghost has emerged victorious in the third match of the finals day with eleven frags, which was played on Erangel map. Team Destiny was eliminated at second place with 5 kills, whereas the Next Ruya gaming was finished at #4 with 9 kills.

The fourth match was played on the Miramar map, and this match was claimed by Ghost Gaming Again with Team Spec wiping out 2 members of Team Euese in the end (1v2 clutch). The team has put a total of 12 kills on the board securing the win. Team Quese was eliminated at second place with 8 kills whereas Team Godsent had played well and secured a total of 7 kills.

The last and fifth match of the day was again played on Erangel. Team Alpha7 Esports clinching the win with 13 frags. Team Ghost Gaming got #2 in this match with 9 kills to their name. Thereby, the day concludes the tournament after 20 matches in 4 days.

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Team Valdus Esports has won the PMWI East Finals today. Know me from Team Konika Power has become the MVP of the PMWI west finals for his remarkable performance on the day. He had an avg. damage of 404, and avg. kills of 1.7 and avg. survival time close to 20 minutes.

The prize pool is distributed equally among both regions which amount to more than 1.5 million for Eastern and Western regions. PUBG MOBILE World Invitational is the biggest charity event organised by Tencent by partnering up with Gamers without Borders. The prize pool is donated for the distribution of Covid vaccines to all parts of the world, especially for countries that are in need.

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