PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 3: Overall Standings, MVP, and more

Team Konika Power secured the top spot on the overall standings table of PMWI West Day 3 with 182 overall points. Team RTG had a good day and they have clinched the second spot who was at the seventh position after Day 2.

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The PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 3 has come to a conclusion with Team Konika Power topping the overall points table with 182 overall points and 85 kill points. Let us look at more insights of day 3 of PMWI West.

PMWI 2021 is one of the biggest charity events that have a 3 million USD charity prize pool. The tournament was announced by Tencent under their collaboration with GWB(gamers without borders). 32 Teams (16 teams from East and West) will help GMW to donate the charity fund for distributing COVID vaccines all around the globe.

Team Konika Power has finished being at the top of the 182 overall points table with followed by Team having placed at the no.2 spot with 179 overall points and 73 kill points. Team Alpha 7 Esports secured the third spot with 170 overall points and 81 kill points.

RTG Esports had performed well today and the team has stepped up to the second top position whereas the team stood at 7 positions on Day 2.

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Senku from Team RTG Esports has been awarded the MVP title for his remarkable performance on Day 3 of PMWI West. He had an avg. survival of over 24 minutes and dealt an avg. damage more than 550 with an avg. kills of 3.6.

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PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 3 – Overall Standings

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PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 3: Overall Standings, MVP, and more 3
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PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) West Day 3: Overall Standings, MVP, and more 4

The first match of the day was played on Erangel, the classic map. The match was claimed by team Road to Glory with 9 frags. 19Esports was eliminated at the second spot with 5 kills whereas team Alpha 7 Esports finished at third place with 7 kills. Ghost Gaming was eliminated early in the match but they have secured 9 kills in this first match.

Team RAAD emerged victorious in the second match of the day which was played on the Shanhok map with 6 kills. Team Konika power secured second place with 4 kills. On the other hand, Team RTG Esports finished at the third spot with 8 kills whereas Team Next Ruya Gaming secured 9 kills but was eliminated early.

The third match was won by Next Ruya Gaming with ten frags to their name which was played on the Eragel map. Team RTG esports finished at second place with a massive number of 13 kills. Team Konika Power and Qlash finished at third and fourth spots with 6 & 7 kill respectively.

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The fourth match was played on Dessert Map, Miramar. Team RTG got the Chicken dinner in this match with a whopping total of thirteen frags. Team RAAD was eliminated at second place with 0 kills whereas Alpha7 esports got eliminated at third place with a massive total of 11 kills. Team Onyx had an early elimination but have secured 8 kills.

The fifth and final match of the day has seen Team Konika Power getting the win with an impeccable total of 15 frags. Team Alpha 7 got eliminated at the second spot with 9 kills. Team Next Ruya Gaming got an early elimination but secured 7 frags in their name.

There are only five matches to go and with their conclusion, the champion for PUBG Mobile World Invitational West will be declared. 15 Matches have been completed so far. There is no much bigger difference in terms of points between the Top3 teams. It will be interesting to see how teams will battle it out on the final day. The tournament is going to be concluded on July 25 and you can watch the last live stream of the tournament on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YT Channel.

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