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‘Making good decisions in important moments!’ Andy Murray talks about his Future Strategies

Former World No.1 Andy Murray talks about his future planning and strategies regarding his game.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a British tennis player. His current ranking according to the Association of Tennis Professionals is World No.134 and he is a former World No.1. Andy has 46 singles titles to his name out of which there are three Grand Slam titles which he won in the 2012 US Open and 2013 and 2016 Wimbledon. He also has three doubles titles to his name which include the Davis Cup of 2015.

Andy is a defensive player who played an all-court game. Groundstrokes with low error rate and the ability to anticipate and react are his strengths. His transition from defense to offence with speed is commendable as it enables him to hit winners from defensive positions. He also has one of the best two-handed backhands on the tour.

Andy Murray on his Future

Andy Murray

Recently Andy talked about his planning on his future tournaments and game. He talked about the things he learned from his previous matches.

He said that now he has a clear mind as to how he would approach his future games and what strategy he would follow. He also explained how important it is to make good decision. He gave an example of the game he played at Stockholm, Murray said he made many good decisions in the game against Sinner.

“In some of the games I played at the end of the year, like in Stockholm for example, I made a lot of good decisions in the game against Sinner. I hadn’t done this in previous months. Now I have a much clearer mind on how I want to play and how I will approach my games next year,” Andy said.

“To make decisions, you have to have a clear mind and know how you want to play. So far, I’m pretty sure about that. I think it will help me in the important moments. I think that’s something I’ve been strong at in my career, making good decisions in important moments, I played well in great moments, I raised my game in those moments. As long as I’m clear on how I want to play, I will be able to do it again,” he added.

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