“I’m still in love with Dominic,” says Gunter Bresnik, ex-mentor of Dominic Thiem

Gunter Bresnik breaks ice on his relationship with ex-pupil Dominic Thiem post separation.

Gunter Bresnik and Dominic Thiem
Gunter Bresnik and Dominic Thiem

Gunter Bresnik, Dominic Thiem’s mentor for years before their partnership ended in blood sausage, recently commented about his former pupil in an interview with Tennisnet. Gunter underlined his “love” for his compatriot when asked about the winner of the US Open 2020, ever so cautiously “because then a letter from a lawyer arrives.”

“I’m still in love with Dominic. With the tennis player. Dominic is better than a Zverev or a Tsitsipas. When you go with a player for as long as I’ve had Dominic – both privately and professionally – then I’d be a jerk if I thought no mistakes had happened. To be successful, certain things are necessary. If you want to get to the top, where the best are, it takes a lot of work,” he said.

Gunter Bresnik and Dominic Thiem‘s breakup is still a sordid chapter in their lives. The two had a bitter fall-out in 2019 when Thiem called off their partnership, and the Austrian coach demanded compensation for his years-long work, resulting in a heated feud between the two. Bresnik had filed a €450,000 lawsuit against the current World No.9. Gunter has now talked out about their relationship’s evolution since then.

Dominic Thiem summoned by the Austrian Ministry of Health

Dominic Thiem
Dominic Thiem

Honesty is, perhaps, not always the best policy. Dominic Thiem found out the hard way after saying, maybe foolishly, that he had not yet been vaccinated and chose to wait for serum from the American pharmaceutical company Novavax, which employs a different technology than existing vaccinations.

Almost in the wake, the Austrian Minister of Health, Wolfgang Mückstein, facing an increase in Covid-19 cases in recent days, urged the tennis player to be vaccinated, regardless of the type of vaccine. “I can only ask Dominic Thiem to get the vaccine. There are also long-covid among young people and athletes and we also have people of almost 30 years admitted to intensive care, this is not normal.”

As a reminder, the Austrian had also stated that he would get vaccinated if the new technology took too long to arrive, particularly in light of his plans to compete in the Australian Open following a not-so-great 2021 season.

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