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“I couldn’t watch every point!” Roger Federer shares his experience of watching Rafael Nadal play the Australian Open Final

Swiss Maestro Roger Federer spills some beans about Rafael Nadal's Australian Open Final.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer

An integral part of the Big 3 of Tennis, Roger Federer was not present at the Australian Open 2022 because he still has to recover from knee surgery. The player also missed a Grand Slam in2021 because of the same reason but somehow managed to recover in time to participate in the Wimbledon.

Roger was deeply missed by his fans and fellow tennis mates. Along with him, World No.1 Novak Djokovic was also not present at the Happy Slam because he was deported back to his country because he was stopped at the airport by the border police, and after many hours and investigation and court appeals the player was sent back to his country as his lawyer was unable to provide sufficient proofs.

‘He is a great role model. I think tennis writes incredible stories,’ Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Recently Roger was asked about the Australian Open 2022 finals. He was asked whether he saw the tournament or not. To this, the legend replied that he did watch the match but was not able to view every detail as he has children at his home which he has to look at but he surely watched the ending of the match.

“The match took too long, and I’ve got too many children so I couldn’t watch every point, but I tuned in for the very end and it was nice to see the emotions,” he said.

“It gets you all emotional to see such an incredibly hard-fought victory…He has told me for many months now that he wasn’t feeling so well with his body and now he’s all of a sudden holding up the Australian Open trophy. And dreams come true, and I think that was a great example with Rafa. He is a great role model. I think tennis writes incredible stories,” Roger said.

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