“I don’t disagree with Nick Kyrgios, it seems like ego was in play there” Andy Roddick opines on the Australian’s latest fight with the chair umpire in Miami

Having argued with the umpire and lost his cool during the match, Nick Kyrgios gets support from Andy Roddick in his latest fight with the chair umpire in Miami.

Andy Roddick and Nick Kyrgios
Andy Roddick and Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios‘ attempt to make consecutive quarter-finals run in the Sunshine Double were ended in the 4th round of the Miami Masters 2022 by Jannik Sinner. Sinner won the match 7-6(3), 6-3 to go 8-1 in the Miami Gardens but the match has made headlines for not the result but for the ugly incident that took place during it.

With drama somehow finding Nick on the court, the Australian was again involved in a bust-up with the chair umpire during the end of the first half. With the umpire’s walkie-talkie going off in the middle of the match, Nick suggested to his friend in the stands that someone else should do the job of the umpire who he felt was not even able to control the crowd well.

Chair umpire Carlos Bernandes did not like the personal comments with Nick having earlier criticised the slowness of the court as well. He gave a point penalty to the Australian during the 1st set tiebreaker and with Nick arguing with him again during the changeover, he was handed a game penalty as Nick had smashed a racquet as well earlier in the set, leading to Sinner leading the second set 1-0 even before it began.

“It’s pretty easy. Once you have a warning don’t do anything else that will warrant another penalty. Actually, I didn’t disagree with Nick asking why he got a point penalty in the tiebreaker for him saying this referee is bad to someone and someone else can do it better. I feel like he has a valid point there. Carlos who I like might have got his feelings hurt but that doesn’t look like unsportsmanlike conduct. It seems like ego was in play there,” said former World No. 1 Andy Roddick speaking with Tennis Channel.

Andy Roddick points out where Nick Kyrgios lost the plot with the umpire

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios

While Andy supported Nick when he was asking what did he do wrong, the American later pointed out that the reaction of Nick after being handed the penalty was wrong when the umpire was waiting for opportunities to fine him.

“It’s not the reason you are upset it’s how you react to it. Breaking a racquet right in his face when you know that he is already ticking quickly, he already wants to give you a warning quickly, he is motivated, he is personally offended and so you’re problem-solving is to smash a racquet to give him a break, going a set and a break down, that’s where you lose me.

“You don’t want to hear the opinions but then you do something like that where it is kind of impossible to lay off and say that was absolutely not the right thing to do if you wanted to win this tennis match,” added Roddick taking a dig on Nick as well who had earlier asked why are the retired players giving their unasked opinions for.