“I don’t see Carlos Alcaraz fading from the moment” Andy Roddick impressed by the teen’s win in the Miami Masters, puts Carlos in the bracket with Nadal, Federer, Agassi

Few hours away from a first career ATP-1000 finals, Andy Roddick believes 18-year old Carlos Alcaraz is the favourite against World No. 8 Casper Ruud.

Carlos Alcaraz and Andy Roddick
Carlos Alcaraz and Andy Roddick

World No. 16 Carlos Alcaraz will be playing his first Masters-1000 final on Sunday, 3rd April at the 2022 Miami Masters finals when he takes on World No. 8 Casper Ruud. While Ruud is also reaching his first Masters finals, the 23-year old Norwegian is a little more experienced as compared to the 18-year old Alcaraz.

With Alcaraz confirmed to make his Top-15 debut after Sunday’s finals, the Spaniard is the talk of the town having become one of the crowd favourites in the Miami Gardens. With the highly exciting clash between the future of tennis taking place, experts and tennis fanatics are picking their favourites for the title clash that will see the curtain draw on the hardcourts for a while as the focus completely shifts to the Clay courts from the next week where both Ruud and Alcaraz have good records.

Speaking with Tennis Channel, Andy Roddick spoke his mind where he explained how Alcaraz is quickly rising and instead of following the footsteps of the legends like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andre Agassi, he is smashing their records and is making sure he drags the names of these legends in every conversation about him.

“Yes, his name was Rafa. His name was Roger. His name was Andre at certain times. The company he’s keeping with these comparisons at least with that sort of name to make apples to apple comparison. But what I want to say is I can’t imagine anything about Alcaraz on Twitter without someone automatically saying Rafa did this and Rafa did that. We have to let this guy be his own person and he seems comfortable in his own skin and comfortable with the way he plays.

“I just don’t think it is going to faze him normally and question, ‘An 18-year old in this big of a final, how is he going to come out’. I don’t really doubt the way he’s going to come out, I think his team is going to like the way he comes out. I just don’t see him fading from the moment here,” said Roddick.

Carlos Alcaraz has already broken his season goal!

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz

Alcaraz along with coach Juan Carlos Ferrero had earlier talked about their goal for the season which was to break into the Top-15 of the ATP ranking. Requiring to make the quarter-finals of the tournament to break into the Top-15, Alcaraz will have already achieved his season goal in April itself.

If Alcaraz finishes as the runner-up, he will be World No. 12 on Monday but if he goes on to win the title, he will rise to World No. 11, a spot away from breaking into the Top-10. With the Clay season to commence next week, Alcaraz’s chances to break into the Top-10 will further increase given both of his titles have come on Clay so far including the ATP-500 Rio Open.

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