Ahead of ATP’s punishment verdict, Courentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev accused of locker room altercation following their on-court fight

Following a physical altercation on court, the coach denied Courentin Moutet also engaged in a locker room fight with Adrian Andreev.

Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev

As both Courentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev await the ATP referee’s report into their on-court fight during a match at the Open d’Orleans in France, the former’s coach has claimed that no locker room fight took place between the two, contrary to some reports.

Moutet and Andreev were caught exchanging physical blows at the conclusion of the match that the latter won in three sets, and had to be separated by the referee.

Later, 64th-ranked home favorite Moutet explained circumstances that led to the fight on his Instagram stories, alleging that his 211th-ranked opponent had said “f*** you” to him during the match and told him to meet off the court to continue the exchange.

You can watch the video below ICYMI:

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Further meeting between Courentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev?

Moutet’s coach Laurent Raymond said that the two players wanted to meet in the hotel after the match but he ensured that his player couldn’t come close to his Bulgarian opponent.

“I know they wanted to meet after the match but there was no explanation or physical contact,” said Raymond.

“We didn’t let them get close. Once we got back to the hotel, we had dinner together and there was no abnormal excitement,” he added.

adrian andreev - FirstSportz
Adrian Andreev, whom Courentin Moutet and his coach have accused of being the aggressor in the altercation

Raymond also supported Moutet by saying, “After the match point, it was Andreev who gave the first blow, a shoulder charge. Corentin also told me that he said f***you’ twice during the match. There was that clash at the net but it didn’t go beyond that.”

It is obvious that the two will be fined by the ATP for the altercation but it still remains to be seen which player will bear the brunt of the punishment.

Moutet also took the debate to a different topic altogether by saying people wouldn’t have objected if he was World No.1.

“The day I’m No 1 in the world or win a Grand Slam, people will accept if I behave in the worst way – no one will come and tell me anything, because you’re winning,” the Frenchman said.

“If you’re 200th in the world, nobody sees you regularly, you are easily condemned. And that makes people talk, because tennis is a very rigid sport, because you are not allowed to do anything on the court. On the one hand, people are very happy to see a sport that is not so rigid, but on the other hand we are told: ‘You shouldn’t do that!’” he added.

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