Alex Corretja happy with ATP and WTA merger talks as potential Saudi takeover threat looms over the tennis world

Eurosport pundit Alex Corretja talks in support of the possible merger of the ATP and the WTA amidst Saudi takeover.

Alex Corretja happy with ATP and WTA merger talks as potential Saudi takeover threat looms over the tennis world

Alex Corretja (Image via: Tennis Majors)

There has been news about a potential merger between ATP and WTA to fight the Saudi Arabia takeover threats. As the Arab nation tries to take over tennis after getting into sports such as golf, Formula 1, and football, the tennis management of the ATP and WTA has been under huge pressure to combine the two agencies into a single tour for the betterment of the sport. 


Eurosport expert Alex Corretja has given his verdict on the matter, bringing out the drawbacks and advantages of the merger. He talked about how crucial it can turn out to be for the players, as they will have men and women playing on a single tour all year, just like the Grand Slams. This is a historical turnout in the history of the sport, and he considers the idea an ‘amazing‘ and ‘brilliant’ one

He said, “All these tournaments (Grand Slams) are very successful because they play with men and women combined. But now we have four Slams. We have so many Master 1000s as well, which they play together. A merger would be great because the ATP and WTA would try to be as close as possible. It can get a little bit confusing with the ATP, WTA, and ITF tournaments, but the intention is there and it would be great news for everyone. Hopefully, they can work it out.”

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What did Roger Federer say about the merger between ATP and WTA?

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Roger Federer during a press conference. (credits: ATP Tour)

A legend of the game, Roger Federer also provided his view on the potential merger three years ago, even before he retired. Little did he know during that time that his idea could really turn into reality just for the sake of protecting the sport from bidders across the world. He tweeted during that time, saying, “Just wondering, am I the only one thinking that now is the time for men’s and women’s tennis to be united and come together as one?”

He stated how he is picturing the idea of merging the two tennis agencies, which would allow both men’s and women’s professional tours to become one. He also went on to say that the merger should have happened a long time ago, stating that the board members should act quicker now to make the combination tour possible, which was way back in 2020. He added, “These are tough times in every sport, and we can come out of this with two weakened bodies or one stronger body.”

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