Roger Federer ‘changed’ the game says Iga Swiatek showering praise on the joint-most US Open title winner

Iga Swiatek gives her regards to the tennis legend Roger Federer regarding his impact and the effect he has had in the sport.

Roger Federer ‘changed’ the game says Iga Swiatek showering praise on the joint-most US Open title winner

Roger Federer and Iga Swiatek. (credits: Forbes, WTA)

WTA World No. 1 Iga Swiatek has showered praise and regard on tennis legend Roger Federer, rating him as the modern-day game changer. For context, Swiatek is a very big fan of Federer and has always talked about how much of an impactful person Roger has been on her way to tennis. 

And now, after signing a sponsorship deal with the brand “On,” in which Federer is a major shareholder, Swiatek opened up about the reason.


In a recent interview with Vogue, Swiatek shared her experience of meeting Federer at the US Open last week as the Swiss paid a visit to the US.

She also shared how she was never able to crack a conversation with the Swiss up until this time, despite being on the same tour a couple of times previously. After Federer decided to retire from the sport last year, it became tough for her to fulfill her dream.

She also went on to state Federer‘s actions as classy, be it his gameplay, his personality, or even the way he decided to hang up his racket, marking him as hugely ‘inspiring’.


She said, “When Roger retired, I was just entering the tour, so the timing wasn’t perfect for us to be on tour together. Everything that he does is with so much class. Roger’s a huge inspiration; he changed our game, basically.”

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Can Iga Swiatek embark herself as the next big thing in women’s tennis?

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek in action during a match. (credits: NDTV News)

Iga Swiatek has had a great last couple of years, winning almost 12 titles in the space of just two years. She had also won four Grand Slam titles despite being only 20. 


She also entered the top 10 players list for staying as the World No. 1 for the greatest number of weeks, taking her tally to 73 now. She is now going into the US Open as the defending champion and has high hopes of retaining it this year as well. 

She has already stacked up three Roland Garros titles as well as a US Open title, and apart from that, she has 18 titles in her career. Among her successes this year, she has already won the Stuttgart Open, the Warsaw Open, and the Qatar Open. In her first-round matchup at the ongoing US Open, she has beaten Rebecca Peterson in straight sets, 6-0, 6-1. 

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