WATCH: Alexander Bublik DESTROYS his racket after losing a point to Ben Shelton at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown

Bublik smashes yet another racquet, this time in Los Angeles.

WATCH: Alexander Bublik DESTROYS his racket after losing a point to Ben Shelton at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown

Alexander Bublik (Image via Tennis Now)

With their classic forehands, threading backhands, and nailed serves, racquet smashes have made a separate fan base for themselves. Often, moments of frustration take over, and players vent out their anger on their racquets. It has happened again, as Alexander Bublik breaks yet another racquet in his career. This happened at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown in Los Angeles.


PPost-Wimbledon, a few players have gone to Los Angeles to take part in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. An event that is different from the traditional tennis format fascinates many. In a group B match between Alexander Bublik and American Ben Shelton, a fiery moment took place. In the fourth quarter,  Shelton and Bublik were involved in an intense rally. Bublik was pushed back, and then he tried to hit a tweener.

He hit it, but not exactly the way he wished to. The ball slowly lobbed up, and Shelton quite comfortably smashed it and won the point. This helped the American big time in winning the match. This got Bublik very frustrated, and he smashed his racquet multiple times, and the equipment broke into pieces. Bublik has a habit of getting frustrated quite often and then venting his anger out on his racquets.

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The Ultimate Tennis Showdown fifth edition

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Ultimate Tennis Showdown (Image via YouTube)

Different from the traditional tennis format, the Ultimate Tennis Showdown has its own vibe. In place of five sets, it has four quarters. Suppose both players win two sets each; a final set is played, which is called the sudden death. In this case, the one with a two-point difference wins. It has eight players taking part in it. This is the fifth edition going on in Los Angeles.

There is Group A, which has Taylor Fritz, Wu Yibing, Diego Schwartzman, and Benoit Paire. On the other hand, Group B has Frances Tiafoe, Alexander Bublik, Ben Shelton, and Gael Monfils. It is a very fascinating event that gets a great deal of viewership. This event came into being in 2020 when the tennis world was on a break due to COVID. Now it has become part of the calendar.

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