“It’s difficult with all the Big 3,” Andrey Rublev tries to move past his quarterfinal curse at Grand Slams as he names Rafael Nadal as his childhood hero

Andrey Rublev also explained why a new Big 3 on the ATP Tour is not possible.

“It’s difficult with all the Big 3,” Andrey Rublev tries to move past his quarterfinal curse at Grand Slams as he names Rafael Nadal as his childhood hero

Andrey Rublev (Via Imago)

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev rues not going past the quarterfinals stage at a Grand Slam tournament. As the World No. 6 has lost ten Grand Slam quarterfinals so far in his career, Rublev hopes to sail through on the eleventh try. He is also clear about what are the things he needs to improve in order to achieve his goal.


Rublev says that he needs to control his emotions better. The 26-year-old has said that he is an emotional person and he draws energy from there. However, sometimes being over-emotional leads to destruction while being overly calm also does not help.

Find a balance of emotions. I'm an emotional person, and when there are too many of them, they can destroy me on the court. And when it’s too little and I’m overly calm, I can’t start. I look for that emotional energy all the time because it allows my game to improve. Even more so than physical condition or tactics.
Andrey Rublev said to Sport Express.

The Russian ace is looking to work on these things and improve his record at the Grand Slam tournaments.

I need to find a balance to manage my emotions. I have not won on any of the ten occasions I have reached the quarterfinals. I will try to do everything in my power to improve my game and break this barrier at the next opportunity. 
Andrey Rublev added.

Andrey Rublev explains why it is not possible to form a Big 3 now

Andrey Rublev is one of the rarest players on the tour who has defeated each of the three players in the Big 3. The Russian ace was asked about it and also about who he enjoyed beating the most and Rublev had no hesitation in naming Rafael Nadal.

Andrey Rublev and Rafael Nadal
Andrey Rublev and Rafael Nadal (via Imago)

The 26-year-old said that as he grew up watching Nadal, it was a great moment for him. Rublev, however, pointed out that it is difficult to name more interesting among the three wins as no one thinks about these things in such special moments.

It’s hard with everyone. I didn’t think about “more interesting,” because at such moments you don’t think in these categories. Of them all, I rooted for Nadal the most, because when I was little, I liked him.
Andrey Rublev said about beating the Big 3.

The World No. 6 then also shared his views about a new Big 3 on the ATP Tour. Rublev discarded the concept saying that while earlier, beating the top three players was almost impossible, it is no longer the case as any player in the top 50 can beat anyone on their day.

Tennis has now improved a lot and leveled out. Everyone plays at crazy speed, everyone hits with crazy force - both from the right and from the left. There are a lot more players who serve 220 kilometers per hour. When you play with such people, you can lose to everyone and win from everyone. This increases competition.
Andrey Rublev opined.

Rublev cited Alexander Bublik‘s example and claimed that despite being ranked in the 30s or 40s, the Kazakh ace possessed the ability to beat anyone on a hardcourt or grasscourt. The Russian said that there are many such players who can beat a top-ranked player on their day.

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