Andy Roddick confesses to not wanting to see Nick Kyrgios as a consultant, explains his stance 

Andy Roddick does not wants to see Nick Kyrgios being a commentator.

Andy Roddick confesses to not wanting to see Nick Kyrgios as a consultant, explains his stance 

Andy Roddick and Nick Kyrgios (Credits: Tennis Net, X)

In a recent episode on the Tennis Channel, Andy Roddick sent his well wishes to Nick Kyrgios for his little time on the Tennis Channel. The Australian star has been off tennis for a year due to an injury but he has not failed to keep the world updated by his timely presence and everlasting comments. 


The Australian also was seen on the Tennis Channel as a commentator alongside others and Andy Roddick. 

I'm in the minority here but I don't want to see him back at the Tennis Channel desk here because I'd rather see him on the court, doing his thing, you know, pis**ng people off left right, and centre, being the human highlight show.
said the American wanting to see the mercurial Aussie back in action.

Roddick also believes that the beast in the form of Kyrgios needs to be let out and that he wishes the Australian best of luck for the future. Kyrgios has been a source of entertainment in the tennis world and the fans want to see more commentating from the Wimbledon runner-up. His return is not yet official. But the Australian leg of the 2024 season could see the Canberra resident returning to action with eyes set on the 2024 Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios gives an update on his injury

Australian Tennis star, Nick Kyrgios has been suffering from a knee injury that saw him out of many matches in 2023 and recently, he gave an injury update for all his fans. 

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios(Via Fox sports)
There’s still a lot of work to do. I had some more setbacks after my knee coming back the first time. It was just not where I wanted to be and it was still causing me a lot of pain. It’s quite a serious surgery where I just need to take my time. I need to be a bit patient. Just patience was the keyword really.

However, his absence from the court was compensated by his keeping the internet world on its feet. He has been causing controversies over the internet with his time-to-time criticism of players. The tennis world also enjoyed his little time on the Tennis Channel where he had a slip-up. With the Australian Open on the horizon, fans will be expecting Kyrgios to return for the first Grand Slam of the 2024 season.

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