“Let’s have rules for cars like we do for guns,” Andy Roddick gives a SAVAGE reply to Kevin Sorbo over regulations of arms in the US

Andy Roddick comes up with a savage reply for Kevin Sorbo as the latter expresses his views on the ownership of Assault Rifles.

“Let’s have rules for cars like we do for guns,” Andy Roddick gives a SAVAGE reply to Kevin Sorbo over regulations of arms in the US

Andy Roddick (Image via Wikipedia)

What’s happening in the United States of America with the entire mass shooting saga is something no one is happy about. As a matter of concern, it’s on the rise. Often people have come up with suggestions to stop these sorts of dreadful things from happening. A few feel that the concept of Assault Rifles needs to be given a re-look. However many believe that the ownership of Assault Rifles needs to be given a second thought.


One such clame gave rise to two tweets that held a log meaning of looked at carefully. Commenting on the recent episode of mass shooting in the States, actor Kevin Sorbo had his view point in the discussion of ownership of Assault Rifles. His tweet read, “Assault weapons aren’t real. Just like there’s no such thing as an assault car, or assault pencil. Stop blaming objects when the person is at fault.”

To this former US Open champion and tennis ace Andy Roddick replied. His reply got many talking as it had a lot of meaning. The American said, “But …. Speed limits, speed bumps, speed traps, car regulations, insurance, tests to operate, written and physical, a 6-month trial before official licensing. Also, an assault car is called a tank, and you can’t drive it around a neighborhood. Let’s have rules for guns like we do for cars. Deal …..”

As expected, many loved the response of the former world no. 1, as they felt that guns do need to have certain rules if the States want to reduce the mass killing that is happening.


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Andy Roddick, another celebrity fan of Carlos Alcaraz

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Carlos Alcaraz (Image via The New York Times)

Andy Roddick has also joined the list of celebrity fans who are in awe of the Spanish pro-Carlos Alcaraz. The young sensation with his flawless play on the court is grabbing all the headlines and continues to impress. Recently the American ace was criticized for praising the Spaniard after he called him the most complete 19-year-old ever.

However, Roddick didn’t back off and came up with yet another praise for the current US Open champion. He said, “Simply, guy doesn’t have weaknesses right now.” Clearly, Roddick is in awe of the kind of tennis the Spaniard has shown in the last few months. The world too has more Alcaraz fans than those who don’t like him. Fans would want their young superstar to carry on with his form and take it into Rome and then into Paris.

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