“Would rather be kicked in the n*ts,” Andy Roddick shuts down Elon Musk’s opinion on pickleball-crushing tennis in the future

Elon Musk and Andy Roddick get into heated conversation on pickleball vs tennis.

“Would rather be kicked in the n*ts,” Andy Roddick shuts down Elon Musk’s opinion on pickleball-crushing tennis in the future

Andy Roddick and Elon Musk (Source: Public Domain)

There has been an endless debate on comparisons between tennis, badminton, pickleball, and table tennis or ping-pong. While all games have similar elements, they are still fundamentally different. Pickleball, instead, is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The game combines all the rules from various racquet sports and can be played singles or doubles.


The sport has been gaining popularity amongst enthusiasts, even some believing it would ‘crush’ tennis in the future. Twitter CEO Elon Musk is confident about pickleball’s triumph over tennis in the coming years. However, Musk gets shut down by American tennis player Andy Roddick.

Roddick, a former US Open champion, has experience playing both sports and explained why tennis would still triumph over all racquet sports. He said he would rather be ‘kicked in the n*ts’ than watch it on TV.

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Former US Open champion Andy Roddick shuts Elon Musk’s opinion on tennis and pickleball

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Andy Roddick (Credits: ATP)

No wonder tennis still garners one of the highest audiences and viewerships out of all sports. However, with new emerging games gaining popularity, pickleball has a high chance of being a popular TV sport.

Elon Musk is confident that pickleball being a greater sport than tennis shortly. However, Andy Roddick has his disagreements regarding the same. He writes in his reply, “And it will never crush tennis. It’s so much fun to play but it’s not even comparable as a viewer. Ping pong also really fun. Would rather be kicked in the n*ts than watch it on TV.”

However, Andy does not refute the claim that pickleball is not fun. For the former US Open champion, it is fun. He mentions trying to grasp the game while he was a tennis star and would love to play it again. As for the game being a TV product, it remains under the cards for Roddick.

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