“He was very drunk,” Aryna Sabalenka’s ex-boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov’s former wife reveals shocking details regarding the cause of death

Yulia Mikhailova believes her former husband didn't die by suicide after getting an update on things found in his room prior to his demise.

“He was very drunk,” Aryna Sabalenka’s ex-boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov’s former wife reveals shocking details regarding the cause of death

Aryna Sabalenka and her boyfriend Konstantin Kolstov (Images via Instagram)

The investigation into the demise of Aryna Sabalenka‘s ex-boyfriend, Konstantin Kolstov, has another new detail to look at. With rumors floating around about a possible suicide, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. However, for Kolstov’s former wife, Yulia Mikhailova, it was not a suicide. 

While the exact timeline of their marriage isn’t available, the couple divorced in 2020. By then, they were parents to three boys, Daniil, Alexander, and Stefan. The family has lived in the USA ever since the couple split. After the divorce, Kolstov kept in touch with his kids through mobile calls, as per Mikhailova. 

As theories float around about the actual reason for his death, Mikhailova believes it was never suicide. In a lengthy interview with Russian media outlet Zerkalo, she touched upon various topics. This included their relationship and her take on what could have happened. 

Mikahilova revealed that she was able to go through Konstantin Kolstov‘s calendar and personal accounts as she knew some of his passwords. His commitments and plans for the near future make her believe he never intended to commit suicide, and that his passing was rather an accident as he fell from the 23rd floor. 

Most likely, he was very drunk. Unfortunately, hockey players are sometimes guilty of this. Empty alcohol bottles were found in the room where Konstantin stayed. There was a balcony overlooking the ocean. Probably Konstantin did not keep track of his actions
Said Mikhailova.

Konstantin Kolstov’s ex-wife blames the media for wrongly calling his demise a suicide and hurting her kids

The reported leak of investigation details led to the assumption that Kolstov committed suicide. Sabalenka didn’t make any comment on what transpired in her message.

Konstantin Kolstov
Konstantin Kolstov with his kids (Image via Yulia Mikhailova’s Instagram)

She just requested privacy at this time for the families while allegedly hinting at having ended her relationship with him.

However, for Mikhailova, she felt it was the media who spread the false news. She also admitted to being hurt seeing her sons affected by the news, as she believes it was an accident. 

I think it was your colleagues who misunderstood something. Or they passed off the police’s assumption of suicide as a fact - after all, people rarely fall on their own. The police immediately rejected the murder version: Konstantin was in room one. So they said it might have been suicide. But, I repeat, there was nothing to indicate that Konstantin was going to jump.
Added Mikhailova.

With her kids distressed, she is still hoping to get an official confirmation as early as possible to console her boys. She has requested a talk with the medical examiner, but she hasn’t been able to get in touch so far. 

As per her statements, Kolstov’s mobile and laptop are currently being held by the police to investigate the case. Sabalenka has understandably remained quiet so far in the case. Having decided to play in the Miami Open, she has requested not to attend any press conferences, and the tournament has agreed. 

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