WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka’s frustrated racket smash at Miami Open revisits 2023 US Open flashbacks against Coco Gauff

The Belarusian lost 4-6, 6-1, 1-6 to Anhelina Kalinina on Saturday.

WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka’s frustrated racket smash at Miami Open revisits 2023 US Open flashbacks against Coco Gauff

Aryna Sabalenka smashes her racket (Images via Imago/ Screengrab X)

World No.2 Aryna Sabalenka was extremely frustrated about her defeat in the third round of the 2024 Miami Open as she lost to Anhelina Kalinina in three sets. The two-time singles Grand Slam champion vented out her frustration by smashing and breaking her racket, just like she did at the 2023 US Open, after losing to Coco Gauff in the final.


Sabalenka lost the opening set 6-4 to Kalinina. The Belarusian ace made a roaring comeback in the second set as she let Kalinina win only one game. But in the deciding set, Kalinina repeated the same feat with Sabalenka, winning it 6-1.

This one-sided victory for Kalinina in the third set and also the frustration of losing the match came out in the form of a racket smash for Sabalenka. While the Belarusian smashed her racket in the changing room after losing in the 2023 US Open final against Coco Gauff, this time around Sabalenka didn’t shy away to commit the act on the court.

The 25-year-old did not just smash her racket once, but three times. Sabalenka ensured that the racket was broken as she vented out her frustration.


It is also worth mentioning that Sabalenka and Kalinina did not shake hands at the net after the match was over.

Third consecutive early exit for Aryna Sabalenka

After her Australian Open win at the start of the season, Aryna Sabalenka has failed to carry the momentum into other tournaments. Sabalenka has now suffered a third consecutive early exit after her loss against Anhelina Kalinina on Saturday at the 2024 Miami Open.

Aryna Sabalenka
Aryna Sabalenka (via Imago)

Sabalenka was knocked out of the Dubai Tennis Championships in the second round as she lost to Donna Vekic. At the 2024 India Wells Open, Sabalenka was ousted from the Masters tournament by Emma Navarro in the fourth round.

Now, the World No. 2 lost to a player ranked much lower than her. It seems the Belarusian ace is struggling with her rhythm. Also, the personal loss she suffered recently seems to have taken a toll on the Belarusian tennis star. It is to be seen if Sabalenka takes some time off and rejuvenates herself before taking the court again.


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