“Booing was justified,” Cameron Norrie not reporting the double bounce during his game against Lucas Pouille at the French Open has fans enraged

Cameron Norrie failing to report a double bounce called for Twitter fans' rage at the British tennis player.

“Booing was justified,” Cameron Norrie not reporting the double bounce during his game against Lucas Pouille at the French Open has fans enraged

Cameron Norrie (Source: The Independent)

Cameron Norrie won the second round against Lucas Pouille in a 6-1,6-3,6-3 victory at the Roland Garros. However, this victory could be considered quite contentious because the umpire failed to notice the ball had bounced twice, thus giving Norrie the winning point.

However, Norrie never denied any instance of a possible double bounce. He was unsure about it as he felt the ball spin backwards. On that note, Lucas Pouille called out Norrie, saying it is the umpire’s job to call a double bounce, and requested a video replay.

As reported by The Guardian, Pouille speaking to the press, said, “For me the double bounce with all the cameras there is on court, it should be easy to check, and that’s it. Then there is no problem

It seems like even Norrie affirmed Lucas Pouille in this situation. He further added, “I think that would be great. There’s been so many different situations over my career where there’s been things happening, and I think it definitely can be used to our advantage. We have it there. We have the technology to do it. I don’t know why we’re not doing it in all aspects.”

Several sports, such as football, have already started using video replays to check human errors by referees or the umpires. Pouille drew a particular contention towards such an error by the umpire. He feels the umpire should be penalized for her decisions, given it had such a drastic consequence for a player’s career.

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Cameron Norrie booed by Lenglen fans and called out on Twitter for not reporting double bounce

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Cameron Norrie (Credits: The Independent)

As much as Cameron Norrie would like to believe, he won fair and square. The fans are holding contention, considering the British player cheated his way through. Everybody noticed how Norrie stayed quiet during the incident, which led the Lenglen crowd to boo him.

Twitter fans are enraged with the umpire’s decision and Norrie’s unfair approach. One fan writes that the booing was justified for Cameron Norrie’s play.

Another fan notes that Norrie, although likable, is showing signs of wrong behavior lately. They believe that Pouille would have lost the match but deserved a chance of having the math fair and square.

More tweets call out Norrie’s action at the 2023 French Open.

If Lucas Pouille had won this match, this would have been a dream win for the Frenchman. Currently standing 675th in World Rankings, Pouille was a former top 10 player who struggled with severe injuries and alcoholism throughout his career. L’Equipe reported that he was facing depression and would even drink heavily while attending tournaments.

Cameron Norrie has now qualified for the third round and will face Lorenzo Musseti, a 17th seed, next.

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