Emma Raducanu unbothered by constant criticism, calls it a ‘COMPLIMENT’ on being discussed despite the absence 

Emma Raducanu says that she has been receiving criticism.

Emma Raducanu unbothered by constant criticism, calls it a ‘COMPLIMENT’ on being discussed despite the absence 

Emma Raducanu (Via SkySports)

In the world of tennis, athletes usually face scrutiny and criticism on and off the field. The pressure to perform can be overwhelming, and yet some athletes manage to rise above it all. Such an incident occurred recently with Emma Raducanu. She has been receiving constant hate and criticism for her absence from certain events. She has made waves in tennis due to her incredible feat over a short period of time despite the criticism she receives.


The 20-year-old British player captured the attention of the tennis world with her quick rise to the WTA top 10 ranking and also to win her first Grand Slam in 2021. She created history by becoming the first qualifier to go on to win the tournament. Unfortunately, she faced a few injuries and hit rock bottom by leaving the top 200 list. Fans have not been shy to take a dig at the youngster and have since criticized her.“Next season I’ll be back. The fact they are still talking about me even though I’m not at these events is just a compliment. Someone told me ‘worry when they are not talking about you.” said the British in an interview on BBC as a reply to all the hate she was receiving.

While some athletes may crumble under the weight of constant criticism, Raducanu handles it with remarkable grace and poise. Despite her absence in recent events, the 20-year-old is taking all the criticisms as compliments.

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Emma Raducanu is set to return to tennis next season

2023 was a forgetful year for the youngster as she had to get surgery on both her wrists and her ankle. In an interview with BBC London, the player said “Next season I’ll be back. This season all the slams were finished so it was difficult to watch them go by but I was trying to stay in my lane as much as possible and keep focused on my recovery.” 

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu (Via Sky Sports)

The youngster has officially returned to practice courts for the first time since her injuries. Despite playing 10 matches in 2023, she is hoping to return next season with a new mindset and a goal to achieve.

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