Holger Rune’s cockiness defended by Taylor Fritz who praises the Dane’s arrogance and confidence to achieve success like the Big-3

In a recent Twitch stream, Taylor Fritz validates Holger Rune's aggression on court.

Holger Rune’s cockiness defended by Taylor Fritz who praises the Dane’s arrogance and confidence to achieve success like the Big-3

Taylor Fritz and Holger Rune (Via X and Tennis365)

In a recent Twitch stream, American tennis player Taylor Fritz spoke about his relationship with Holger Rune and praised the youngster for his confidence, which was mistakenly taken as arrogance by many people. 

Holger Rune has always been known as one of the biggest brats in tennis, known for his arrogance and on-field excitement. Many tennis enthusiasts have been against Rune for his attitude, but American talent Fritz thinks otherwise.


As per the tennis professional himself, he never faced any issues while playing doubles with Rune, and the young talent has big expectations and ambitions in life. He said: 

I like Holger, I've never had any issues with Holger, we played doubles. I don't think there's any issues. I think he has big expectations and big ambitions, and I think people mistake someone saying that they want to be the next Big Three when you say you want to do all these great things, and people then mistake that for cockiness.

Earlier, Rune was accused of acting like a baby in court. Even tennis icon John McEnroe raised his fingers at Rune for being cocky on the court and being disrespectful towards his opponent, Casper Rudd. 

Boris Becker, the coach Rudd, also spoke on his player’s attitude and openly revealed that there has to be a fix on his attitude for the player to do even better on the court.


Taylor Fritz believes that one must be a little arrogant in order to be successful 

Taylor Fritz and Holger Rune have played as doubles partners before, and Fritz understands the kind of attitude the Dane brings with him on the court. This attitude has gotten Rune where he is right now, but many perceive it as arrogance. 

While defending Rune, Fritz said:

But like, so what? I don't think people understand, if you want to be successful, you need to actually believe it and you have to have some of that arrogance and confidence to you.
Taylor Fritz
Taylor Fritz (Source: BNP Paribas Open)

While this statement by Fritz may seem wrong to many people out there, many fans believe that there is a lot of truth behind those words. Over the years, it has been noticed that even the greats of tennis lose their cool and show attitude on the court.


Novak Djokovic is a huge example, as the Serb is constantly caught in some drama on the court. However, Rune has reduced his attitude ever since Boris Becker started coaching him, and the fans are now able to witness the rise of Rune after a slow 2023. 

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