“I had to skip my period around Wimbledon,” Daria Saville reveals the struggles of all-white clothing at Wimbledon for female athletes

Daria Saville shares why she and a few other female players had to skip her period during Wimbledon.

Daria Saville
Daria Saville
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Wimbledon is the oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. The traditions, which were followed a century ago are still in place- be it the strawberry and cream tradition, or the players wearing all-whites. The all-whites policy is very strict at Wimbledon with players not even allowed to wear even the smallest piece of clothing of color.

While many believe that this tradition makes Wimbledon special, many have openly criticized the decision as it is imposing on the players. For instance, Nick Kyrgios spoke about changing this tradition for ‘fashion’ purposes. But the all-white tradition may be at times uncomfortable for female athletes during their periods.

Australian star Daria Saville recently narrated an incident where he got her periods mid-match on her Australian Open debut. Thankfully for her, she had a female umpire who understand the situation and gave her enough time to arrange a tampon.

“One time I got a period mid-match. I went to the bathroom and then was like oh surprise. We are only allowed two toilet breaks during a match. Thank god I had a female umpire. I explained to her what is happening and then I waited for someone to bring me a tampon because I didn’t have any. This happened during my first ever Australian Open in the second round. It was also 38 degrees on that day. that’s why I said it sucks to be a girl sometimes,” Saville said.

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‘We already have enough stress’: Daria Saville

Daria Saville
Daria Saville

Saville also spoke about the fear of female players wearing all-whites during their periods. She revealed that while many people love the look, some hate it because it sucks to wear all white while being on your period. She also revealed that she herself had to skip her period around Wimbledon for the reason that she didn’t want to worry about bleeding through the tournament.

“Recently just being at Wimbledon, I was talking with my friend saying that I love the all-white look, but then a few girls said they hate it because it sucks to wear all white while being on your period. It’s true, I myself had to skip my period around Wimbledon for the reason that I didn’t want to worry about bleeding through. We already have enough stress,” she said.

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