Jelena Dokic finally shares eye injury update after a scary Australian Grand Prix accident

The former World No. 4, Jelena Dokic, suffered an eye injury during the qualifying session of the Australian Grand Prix.Β 

Jelena Dokic finally shares eye injury update after a scary Australian Grand Prix accident

Jelena Dokic, In circle) Dokic undergoing eye treatment.

Former WTA legend Jelena Dokic has finally shared an update about the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix incident that led to an eye injury. Dokic also thanked Mercedes-Benz Australia for their care after the accident.


For context, Dokic, who retired in 2014, has been enjoying her retirement time. The former tennis player turned commentator decided to join Formula 1 fans on Saturday to enjoy the Australian Grand Prix live in Melbourne. However, an unexpected incident occurred in the Grand Prix qualifying round.

As the game progressed, Fernando Alonso went off track and sprayed sections of the fans with gravel, some of which got trapped in Dokic’s eye. The WTA star was rushed to the Mercedes-Benz medical lounge, where she received treatment.

A quick little wrap-up of the Formula 1 Australian Open Grand Prix weekend with Mercedes Benz Australia at their amazing AMG Lounge. Thank you @mercedesbenzau for having me. Had a blast. And for those asking, my eye is all good. I am fine. Thank you for all the lovely messages. 
Dokic captioned it the Instagram post

The Aussie posted a video on Instagram today, explaining how she enjoyed the Mercedes-Benz AMG Lounge. In the video, she posted alongside different versions of the Mercedes-Benz cars and the Australian Grand Prix game.


Meanwhile, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz went on to win the Australian Grand Prix despite finishing second in the qualifying round. His colleague, Charles Leclare, finished second.

Jelena Dokic’s books included in honor of International Women’s Day

Recently, Jelena Dokic revealed on social media that she was happy that Penguin USA included her books in honor of International Women’s Day.

Jelena Dokic and her books (via Imago)

The former tennis player published her first book with Penguin, titled Unbreakable, in 2017, three years after retiring. The book was a detailed memoir of the mental, physical, and emotional abuse her father, Damir, inflicted on her.

Thank you my amazing Publisher @penguinbooksusa for including both of my books in honor of International Women's Day as the most inspiring books to read. Grateful!!
She captioned it on an Instagram post

Last year, Dokic published her second book, ‘Fearless: Finding Power to Thrive’, after ‘Unbreakable‘ had become a national bestseller.


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