“It’s really difficult,” Jessica Pegula opens up on the constant reminders of her wealth and rich lifestyle that are attributed to her good results 

Jessica Pegula has made it to the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for 2024.

“It’s really difficult,” Jessica Pegula opens up on the constant reminders of her wealth and rich lifestyle that are attributed to her good results 

Jessica Pegula (Image via Sports Illustrated)

American tennis ace Jessica Pegula had a great season in 2023. The 29-year-old claimed two singles titles and made it to a handful of finals. Resultantly, she qualified for the 2023 WTA Finals and also reached the last stage i.e. the final. Although Pegula lost to Iga Swiatek in the summit clash, she ended her season on a high.

Now that the season is over, the American is stealing the limelight off the court. Pegula was included in Forbers’ 30 Under 30 list for 2024. The 29-year-old then also gave an interview wherein she talked about her rise to the top. Pegula also addressed the taunts she gets for coming from a well-off family.


The American said it is really difficult to still see people talking about her background when she is working hard to stay at the top. Pegula subtly questioned her critics’ knowledge of the sports saying anybody with a little sense of how these things work won’t say such things. She also said that those who really don’t like her will say things no matter what she does.

I think everyone who knows sports or is an athlete, or is highly competitive or made it very far knows you’re not gonna get there unless you work hard & are talented & are really driven to get there. It’s really difficult. People say that, but I think everyone who knows kind of knows it’s not gonna happen unless someone’s really a hard worker & driven.
Jessica Pegula said to Forbes.

She further stated:

I don’t worry too much about it. I think most people get that. Maybe some people who just don’t want to like me for whatever reason maybe will always say that. But I can’t really change their minds. I’ve worked really hard. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten here if it wasn’t for that.

What Jessica Pegula has to say about Coco Gauff?

Jessica Pegula also talked about her relationship with her doubles partner Coco Gauff. Time and again Pegula has heaped praise on the 19-year-old and it was no different this time. However, more than technical details, Pegual talked about the bond between the two players.

Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff at 2022 WTA Finals (Image via WTA)

The 29-year-old revealed that it feels great to play alongside the youngster who is so talented and has achieved things at such a young age. Pegula said that they both try to learn from each other and it helps them in their individual game as well. The WTA Finals finalist then also joked about her being the only one to beat Gauff before the 19-year-old won the US Open title.

Talking about the age difference, Pegula said that there is definitely a gap considering Gauff is ten years younger than her. She admitted that she does not know about a lot of stuff Gauff mentions and is also made fun of by her partner. However, she dismissed any talks of friction between them due to this gap.

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