Karolina Muchova reveals the long halt because of mid-match protest during her match against Coco Gauff at US Open changed her ‘rhythm’

Karolina Muchova gives her views about the incident due to which her semi-final matchup against Coco Gauff was halted at the US Open.

Karolina Muchova reveals the long halt because of mid-match protest during her match against Coco Gauff at US Open changed her ‘rhythm’

Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova. (credits: CBS Sports, Tennis World USA)

It was the time for the first women’s semi-finals at the US Open, with home star Coco Gauff going one and one against Karolina Muchovaandl a place in the final up for grabs. Despite this, the match ended on the side of the American, with Gauff picking up an easy and comfortable 6-4, 7-5 victory over the Czech star. Muchova later talked about the real reason behind how she lost her concentration and footing due to her rhythm being destroyed due to the halt during the match. 

The match was delayed by an hour as many fans inside the stadium were seen organizing a protest against the use of fossil fuels, with even the New York Police Department getting involved in the situation. Muchova talked about how she first couldn’t understand the situation and later found out about the guy who had stuck his foot on the floor.


Karolina Muchova said, “And yeah, I thought it might be fast, but then the supervisor told me it can be five [minutes] or hour, you know. So I’m, like, Okay, so can we leave the court? We were just standing there, and then they told us, yeah, we can leave the court.”

Continuing her train of thought, she added, “So what to wait there for? They didn’t know the situation. Yeah, then I saw the glued guy there! It took some time. Yeah, I just wanted to get off the court and then keep myself little warmed up and, you know, not just to stand there.”

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What did Coco Gauff say about the halt during her match against Karolina Muchova?

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Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova shake hands with one another after the match. (credits: Reuters)

The winner of the semi-final, Coco Gauff, had her views about the sudden halt during the match. She talked about how the tournament has always been defined by such crucial, unjustified moments on the pitch. She also believes that things can change in the future in a more practical way and not just by protesting, and she wants the management to take good care of them in the time ahead.

Gauff said, “I think that throughout history moments like this are definitely defining moments. I definitely, I believe, you know, in climate change. I don’t really know exactly what, you know, what they were protesting. I know it was about the environment.

The young prodigy further added, “I 100% believe in that. I think there are things we can do better. I know the tournaments are doing things to do better for the environment. Would I prefer it not happening in my match? 100%, yeah. I’m not gonna sit here and lie! But it is what it is.”


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