Martina Navratilova tells a troll to ‘f***’ off’ after he defends Floridian Governor and Republican member Ron DeSantis

Navratilova was seen slamming a stranger on Twitter after the person asked her to mind her business.

Martina Navratilova tells a troll to ‘f***’ off’ after he defends Floridian Governor and Republican member Ron DeSantis

(L) Ron DeSantis and (R) Martina Navratilova (Image credits: CBC News)

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been quite active on Twitter in recent years, using it as a platform to express her views and also to make brave statements regarding the calamities going on around the world. A few days ago, she was seen criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘ statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that it led to several Americans losing their lives due to his policies.

She retweeted a post from NY Times which covered this story with a caption, “I wonder just how many more lives were lost to Covid overall thanks to the ridiculous politics and policies of #TFG, DeSantis et al… #psychopathic.” A stranger replied to this statement of Martina’s, asking her to stick to tennis rather than interfering in these things.


The fan wrote, “Cuomo got away with how many deaths, due to his failed response…and Gavin Newsom too. Martina should stick to what she knows, hitting a fkn ball with a racket.” And everyone who has been following her since her playing days know what a strong-headed woman she is and never fails to move away from her point. She bashed the fan, replying, “And you too can f..k off, a**wipe”.

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How has Martina always been associated with controversies on Twitter in the past?

Martina Navratilova during a friendly match
Martina Navratilova during a friendly match. (credits: Yahoo)

Navratilova is an active member on Twitter, often tweeting on various topics stating her opinions irrespective of its involvement in tennis. Quite a few months ago, a journalist named India Willoughby questioned her regarding her gender, stating that she is a man. The journalist also made statements about having more testosterone running in her body, which angered her a lot. Martina was quick enough to bash Willoughby on Twitter.


Another time, Martina was seen getting associated with a person who demanded Ons Jabeur after her Wimbledon loss against Marketa Vondrousova in the final recently. The stranger brought up the topic of how Muslim players have never won in the finals of any Grand Slam finals, and Martina was once again gallant enough to teach the person a lesson on decency.

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