Naomi Osaka recalls her struggles with pregnancy, calls it the ‘worst pain of her life’

The Japanese Star is all set to make a comeback in January.

Naomi Osaka recalls her struggles with pregnancy, calls it the ‘worst pain of her life’

Naomi Osaka (image via: People)

Naomi Osaka is all set to return to professional tennis in January at the Australian Open. After staying out of the court for almost a year and giving birth to her daughter, Osaka has confirmed that she will be making a comeback in the Grand Slam. The Japanese Star recently opened up about the struggles of motherhood and the problems she had to face during pregnancy.


In the latest cover of InStyle’s latest digital issue, Osaka said,

I don't think people know how hard pregnancy is; no one really talks about it as much. Going into it, you kind of think, 'oh, it's this beautiful journey', but it's kind of rough here was a huge adjustment period. It was life-changing in a day. From the moment that you come back home from the hospital, everything's different. It was the worst pain of my life. I know that if I get through this, then everything else will feel very easy.
Osaka via InStyle

The Japanese star also recalled the complexities that she had to face during the pregnancy. The struggles during which her umbilical cord was wrapped with her daughter’s neck. However, her 5-month-old daughter Shai is currently kicking and doing great. After this sabotage period, Osaka is all set to make a comeback and try to create a balance between motherhood and professional tennis.

What’s in the cards for Naomi Osaka on her comeback?

The Japanese Star is in her prime at the age of 26. However, after the period of pregnancy and the sabotage period, it will be tough for her to cope with the speed and accuracy of professional tennis.


However, her passion and determination to make the comeback within this short period say a ton about her love for the game. Osaka will be returning to the Australian Open with a distinctive ranking of 46.

Naomi Osaka opens up about her motherhood and struggles during her pregnancy.
Naomi Osaka (image via: Imago)

The two-time US Open winner and two-time Australian Open winner has earlier stated that she is hoping to earn a spot in the Paris Olympics which is around the corner in 2024. Though she played in the Covid-laden Tokyo Olympics in which she lost in straight sets in the third round, she hopes that she can make a statement this time around.

Making a comeback in one of the biggest tennis events at Melbourne Park. But the Brisbane International before the Australian Open will help her to gain some match experience under her belt.

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